Create Personalized USPS Stamps for the Holidays

Santa Merry Christmas stamp
Since 1962, the US Postal Service has been issuing Christmas postage stamps so you can add some holiday cheer to your Christmas cards and letters. But these days you don’t have to settle for the same Christmas stamps used by millions of other people. Digital technology has made it possible for you to create personalized USPS stamps for the holidays or any day.

It’s simple, fun and easy to create personalized USPS stamps using your own photos or artwork. To get started with your own holiday stamp, simply visit or Be sure to have a photo or image saved as a .jpg image to your computer before you begin. You can use a family photo, artwork created by your children, even clipart that you like. There are a few content restrictions to prohibit copyright infringement and other problems, so be sure to read the rules, but you should be fine if you’re just planning to use a family photo or your own artwork. If you don’t have a special photo or artwork you’d like to use, you can also purchase one of the many designs already available at Zazzle, such as the Santa stamp above. You can also customize any of the stamps or other products you see there.

Creating your own personalized USPS stamps is easy. Just follow these simple directions.

How to Create a Christmas Stamp at from your own photos or artwork
1. From the homepage, click on Create or Customize Your Own!
2. Scroll down until you see Zazzle Custom Stamps. Click the Create custom postage link.
3. In the “Get Started” popup window, click the Select Image link and then click the My Computer button to browse for your file. When you’ve found it, select Add Image.
4. Add text, if you like, in the optional text box.
5. Click the “Make it Now” button to see the preview.
6. Make any changes you like with the “Customize It” box that allows you to move the image, change text fonts and other tasks.
7. When you’re satisfied, click Add to Cart and follow the checkout process. You’re done!

How to Create a Christmas Stamp at from your own photos or artwork
1. From the homepage, click Create PhotoStamps.
2. On the Upload Photo page, click the Browse button to find the image on your computer and hit Next to see the preview.
3. Customize your stamp by zooming, rotating, changing the text color or the border and then click Continue.
4. Follow the checkout process.

That’s all there is to it! Have fun creating your own personalized USPS stamps!

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