5 Ideas For A Crepe Paper Christmas

This article offers some fun ideas for creating inexpensive Christmas decorations out of crepe paper.

5 Ideas For A Crepe Paper Christmas
By Jane A Morris

How about a Christmas decor that does not cost you an arm and a leg to do your home decor, and any of the parties you will be having, or even some other holiday get together you may be having.

1. The best place to start will be to decorate your Christmas tree:

  • First make some paper flowers that are for the Christmas season such as red roses or small poinsettias and have them ready for decorations. You can find instructions on the Internet in articles and in e-books and videos.
  • You can also make your Angel for the top of the tree out of crepe paper check on the Internet for instructions on making crepe paper angels.
  • Next make some crepe paper bows, these are not hard to make simply make a simple bow and tie as you would with ribbon.
  • Also you can make crepe paper garland to go around your tree. All you need to do to make the garland is to take a length of craft wire and make a loop on each end then wrap it with floral tape which comes in green, white, or brown use the color that goes with the crepe paper flowers that you are going to add to it; these flowers should be small so that they will not over shadow the other flowers etc that you are decorating the tree with, then add your flowers to the garland using your floral tape.
  • If you are using lights on your tree be sure to not cover them with any of your crepe paper designs. Place your lights on the tree first then add your other crepe paper garland, bows, flowers, and your angel top.
  • Before you put any of your crepe paper projects on the tree though if you want a little more sparkle or shine you could sprinkle on some sparkles or add a few sparkling beads and spray with a glossy spray that will make them shine. With the lights this will make your tree sparkle and shine.If you do not want to use the lights on your tree you could just shine a light on the tree itself and it will still sparkle and shine.

2. The second idea is to decorate your home:

  • You can make potted crepe paper poinsettias to use as centerpieces or to decorate your fireplace mantel or other places that you would with a real plant. Make paper flower garlands to show off your stairways or around the doorways of your home, they can be made the same way as the garland that you made for your tree just make the paper flowers a little larger.
  • How about making a crepe paper kissing ball to hang in the doorway of your home. There are instructions on how to make these on the Internet. They are not hard to make all you need to do is to make a bunch of mistletoe leaves and you can use beads for the berries put some leaves and some of the beads together then stick them in a Styrofoam ball continue doing this till you cover the ball then add a ribbon to hang it with and a small bow.

3. The third way is get ready for a dinner party:

  • The main thing is to make a pretty centerpiece for the dinner table. Make a bouquet of beautiful crepe paper Christmas roses or a bouquet of pretty crepe paper amaryllis. You can find the instructions and patterns for these in e-books, on the Internet, or sometimes in your libraries, bookstores, and sometimes you can find videos.
  • Make a pretty paper flower to add to the napkin rings this will make a nice accessory for the table and you could use a small version of the poinsettia.
  • You could also add a pretty small paper flower to the name cards for your guests you can use any type of flower just use a Christmas color.
  • Using decorations for your chair backs is another idea. Just make a large Christmas bow out of crepe paper add a crepe paper flower and you have a very pretty chair for your guests to be seated on.
  • How about making a paper flower ring for the wine glasses this will add a finishing touch to your dining table for the Christmas holidays.

4. What about a Christmas party for the fourth way to use crepe paper?

  • You will need to have a Christmas tree decorated for the center of attention. Use the decorations as above for decorating the tree.
  • Make sure your home is decorated as in the above suggested ideas or use your own Christmas decorating ideas.
  • For the dining table you will probably make a buffet table instead of a sit down meal so all you really will need to do is make a pretty centerpiece of paper flowers for the center of the table and add a Christmas table cover.
  • If you are exchanging gifts instead of adding bows to your packages why not make some crepe paper flowers to adorn the packages this would be something your friends and family can keep as a reminder of your crafty ideas.
  • You may want to make a crepe paper piñata for the younger children and instead of putting candy in it why not put small gifts that are wrapped so they do not know what they are picking up and will have fun checking out what they get.

5. The last idea is to make a Santa suit out of crepe paper for a party game.

  • You will need red and black crepe paper, white cotton, scissors, and a heavy clear tape.
  • Next divide your guests into teams.
  • Have each team pick a Santa and then they will make a Santa suit to fit their Santa out of the materials that they have been given.
  • You should have someone to be the judge of the best costume and the best costume will win the prize for the team.

These are just a few ideas to start your imagination working so that you might come up with even more ideas to use crepe paper for your Christmas holidays.

Jane Morris
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