Charitable Christmas Gifts – Make a Powerful Difference With These Charitable Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas has become so commercialized, it sometimes feels like we’ve forgotten the point of it. If you’re looking for ways to put the “Christmas spirit” back in your Christmas, this article offers some great suggestions for charitable gift ideas. You’ll be doing a good deed, and the warm feeling you get from helping others should definitely add to your feelings of true Christmas spirit.

Charitable Christmas Gifts – Make a Powerful Difference With These Charitable Christmas Gift Ideas
By Debbie Davis

Christmas is all about giving-to loved ones, families, and friends. But there is something incredibly satisfying in giving to those who are truly less fortunate, and knowing that your gift may change the course of someone’s life for the better. Here are 4 charitable Christmas gift ideas of all price ranges. Try one (or more) this year and make a huge difference in someone’s life as well as your own.

Donate to an Animal Shelter

When people are forced out of their homes, animals follow close behind. With so many foreclosures looming on the horizon, animal shelters will need extra money to care for the increase of pets who will also lose their homes. Donating money to a shelter can mean the difference between an animal finding another wonderful home or being euthanized. Maybe you could even stipulate, that if it’s just the money the family needs to keep their pet, gift them with a certain amount so they can keep their dog (what a gift that would be) as long as possible, or at least put off giving it away for a while.

Adopt a Family

Many local churches adopt families in need during the Christmas Season. They have a list of items that the family needs complete with gender and sizes. Check with a local church or school and become a Christmas Angel.

Make a Donation to a Counseling Agency

Having a professional counselor listen to you in a crisis can mean the difference between staying married and getting a divorce, leaving an abusive spouse or staying with grave consequences, teen runaway problems or returning home. Unfortunately counseling is expensive and is sometime a financial impossibility for those who need it most. Giving a donation that can be used by those who need it most would forever make a difference.

Contribute to a Children’s Hospital

Far too many children spend Christmas in the hospital. Contributing time, money, and/or your talent will help make the time special for children who may be in the hospital and away from the familiarity of family, and home. Think about anonymously contributing expensive items that they may need once they return home-items such as walkers, wheelchairs for those who are physically challenged, or air purifiers for those whose bodies still need help fighting pollutants that could cause infections.

An excellent resource for air purifiers that are being donated to families of children undergoing bone marrow transplants at Johns Hopkins Hospital is offered by– the Blueair 601 Purifier at

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