Ideas for Unique Christmas Stockings

unique christmas stockings - giant stockingNear Christmas, you can find red felt stockings with white fir trim at virtually any store for a few dollars. They’re everywhere. And while there’s nothing wrong with those stockings, they don’t have have much personality. Yes, Santa Claus will fill them anyway. No, he won’t remember them a week from now. If you’d like some unique Christmas stockings that are sure to make Santa take notice, consider some of these.

Giant Christmas stockings – This giant Christmas stocking may look like a classic red sock with white fuzzy trim, but only if you don’t look at the size. This huge sock measures a whopping 60 inches. If you think Santa’s planning something big this year, this is the stocking for you!

Princess Christmas Stockings – If you have a little princess in your life, she’ll love a glittery Lil’ Princess Personalized Stocking personalized with her name.

unique christmas stockings - bumbleRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Bumble Stocking – Here’s a fun stocking for anyone who loves the Rankin-Bass Rudolph animated special. Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster peeks out of the top of this stocking.

Sexy Stockings – If the ladies in your life are past the little princess stage and need a grown-up stocking, check out Ho Ho Heel. These unique Christmas stockings look like women’s boots with heels, and they come in a variety of prints.

Cowboy Christmas stockings – Have yourself a country Christmas with these unique Christmas stockings that look like cowboy boots. You can find them online at Rusty Accents.

Create Your Own Unique Christmas Stockings – If you’re the crafty type, consider creating your own Christmas stocking with a personalized image. Visit your local office supply store to get iron-on paper. Then select a favorite image, print it with your inkjet printer onto the iron-on paper and then follow the directions. It’s easy!

For even more fun, pick out some unique Christmas stocking holders to display your stockings until Santa arrives.

We are all unique individuals, so why not choose a unique Christmas stocking to make your holiday special?

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