How to Make a Reindeer Candy Cane

I’ve never figured out how candy canes missed the 12 Days of Christmas, because surely the goofy true love knew that candy canes signify Christmas like no other candy around. They adorn candy dishes, stockings and Christmas trees. Instead of hanging plain canes on the tree this year, why not make a reindeer candy cane? It’s a simple craft project that parents can share with their children, and it can easily become a tree-decorating tradition.

For each reindeer candy cane you’ll need:
○ One individually wrapped candy cane
○ Two googly eyes
○ One brown chenille stem
○ brown felt
○ small pom-poms
○ thick craft glue
○ small jingle bell
○ 8” length of Christmas-colored satin ribbon

1. Wrap the middle of the chenille stem around the crook of the candy cane. Twist it tightly at the top. A dab of glue will help secure the chenille stem in place. Bend the stem into antlers.
2. Cut small tear-drop shaped ears from the brown felt. Glue one to each side, just below antlers.
3. Glue googly eyes onto the short side of the candy cane, just below and slightly in front of the ears.
4. Glue a pom-pom to the tip of the short end of the candy cane. This nose may be red (Rudolf), black (all of the other reindeer) or whatever color you’d like.
5. String a jingle bell onto the length of ribbon. Tie ribbon securely around reindeer, behind the antlers. Form a loop to hang the reindeer candy cane around the tree. Your reindeer candy cane may also be mounted on garland with hot glue or used to decorate a wreath.

If you like the look of reindeer candy canes but want something that won’t get all sticky in years to come, you can also buy Reindeer Candy Canes ornament kits online.

– Deborah Dyess

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