Paper Christmas Cards

paper christmas cardsNot that long ago, the phrase “Christmas cards” meant only one thing – a holiday image on the outside of a folded card with touching text inside. That was, of course, before the days of electronic greeting cards. Now “old-fashioned” paper Christmas cards are not always the greeting of choice during the holidays. But they still offer recipients an experience you can’t get with an emailed greeting.

The Internet has made it easy to go digital, but if you’re still a fan of paper Christmas cards, you can also use the web to find great paper Christmas cards that give you options you won’t find at your local Wal-Mart. Here are a few places to shop online for great printed holiday greetings.

PhotoWorks has a wonderful selection of photo Christmas cards. In addition to traditional photo card designs, they also offer many unusual designs you won’t find elsewhere, such as tri-fold and oversize cards that can include your Christmas letter printed as part of the card and punch-out cards that can also double as Christmas ornaments.

Gallery Collection
Gallery Collection offers hundreds of traditional paper Christmas cards for both business and personal use. They have a great selection of holiday images on their cards, though you won’t find any of the popular photo Christmas cards here. They can customize your cards with your own printed message for a personal touch.

My Good Greetings
This site only sells cards made of 100% recycled Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-Certified card stock (50% post-consumer waste) and pairs them with 100% recycled envelopes manufactured with 100% post-consumer recovered fiber. They then send their eco-friendly cards with 100% recycled labels and recycled shipping materials, and they offset their carbon footprint through Greenshipper. If you want to celebrate a green Christmas, this is a good place to shop.
The wonderful thing about is that they make your card mailing easy. For a very small fee, they will send cards out for you. Yes, they do the hard work! You simply need to sort through hundreds of great card designs, customize and place your order, and give them the mailing details. Sending out cards was never this easy!

Paper Christmas cards not only help you say hello to friends and family during Christmas, but they give recipients something to touch and enjoy for the entire season. There’s something about the texture and the smell of paper that cannot be replaced with an e-card or phone call. So go paper!

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