Cute Ideas for Christmas Dog Collars

Holiday Dot Dog Collar 12-18inYou’d love to dress your dog up for Christmas, but he’s just not a costume kind of dog. So what is an in-the-Christmas-spirit dog owner supposed to do? Instead of buying your dog a costume, consider some beautiful Christmas dog collars.

Available at many of your local retailers and favorite online stores, Christmas dog collars come in all colors, patterns and sizes. The designs range from simple red or green stripes on a white collar to intricate Christmas plaids and pictures of snowmen, reindeer or Christmas lights. If you prefer something a little more sophisticated for your pampered pooch, there are collars studded with red, white and green rhinestones, black or red velvet collar with a silk poinsettia attached (crystal centers). Christmas “boa” collars in either gold or red will certainly add a festive feel to the season.

A great place to get “cool-looking” collars is The Cozy Critter website. The Cozy Critter specializes in custom collars, harnesses, leashes and other accessories for your dog or cat. Choose from over 30 different materials with a Christmas, Hanukkah or winter theme and then choose from over a dozen types of collars or harnesses. Hats, bows, scarves, travel bowls and more can all be matched to your custom Christmas dog collar. Some of the fabric patterns include Snoopy & his pals, cheery HoHoHo, a variety of different snowflakes or Christmas candy, penguins and polar bears.

You may also like the red Jingle Bell collar at, the
Holiday Bell collar
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Holiday Dot cog collar

If the idea of a Christmas dog collar seems just a little “over the top”, you might want to grab a cute and inexpensive scrunchy to go over your dog’s regular collar. Whether you buy them ready-made or make them yourself, the variety available in scrunchies is astounding. In just a few minutes on the web, you can find everything from a simple velvet scrunchy with shimmery speckles on it to a green chiffon scrunchy with tiny bells or “berries” attached. For many folks, even these simple little additions to your dog’s wardrobe will add just the right amount of Christmas cheer to your holiday season.

Whether you choose to go with a simple scrunchy or a more elaborate collar, your dog will look more festive with a new Christmas dog collar.

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