Decorating Your Christmas Tree with a Theme

penguin ornamentMillions of Americans put up a Christmas tree each year in their homes during the holidays. Whether it’s real or artificial, the tree will be decorated to share the Christmas spirit. Everyone has a different way or tradition of decorating the tree, and for many people that means choosing a theme for the tree. Some people choose a new theme each year, while others have the same theme every season. If you’re thinking about decorating your tree with a theme for the first time, here are some things to consider.

Choosing a Theme
There are many ways you can create a theme-based tree. Some people like to select a color as their theme, so all of their decorations are chocolate, or lavender, or pink, or even the colors of their favorite sports team. This is one of the easiest ways to create a theme-based tree. Other people get more complex and decorate around a particular character or line of characters. They might choose Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, angels, Disney or Star Wars. Still others decorate their trees based on professions, hobbies or kinds of animals, such as firefighting, music or penguins. You can also choose to create a theme based on a concept such as vintage Christmas. The possibilities are endless, so your first task is deciding what type of theme you’d like.

Setting Expectations
If you’ve never created a theme tree, you may start out with an elaborate plan in your mind to have, say, only gold-colored tree decorations related to music, only to discover later that it’s much harder to find those particular items than you ever imagined. Or you might be able to find a few, but not enough to make the tree look the way you pictured it in your imagination. Before you set your idea in stone, check stores such as OrnamentShop to see if there are enough products that meet your requirements to help you fully decorate your tree the way you imagine.

Planning Ahead
If you’re planning to decorate your Christmas tree with a particular theme, you’ll need to decide on the theme and start shopping for your Christmas tree decorations early. Many people begin purchasing decorations in October and November, so you’ll also want to get started around that time to get the best selection. To be sure you get exactly the Christmas tree decorations you want for your tree, make a list of decorations that fit your theme and start shopping early. That will give you time to order online or search several local stores if you can’t immediately find a particular item.

Once you have everything you think you’ll need to decorate your theme tree, give yourself plenty of time to do the actual decorating before throwing a big party or inviting the entire family over. You may still find you have too many or too few items to make the tree’s theme just perfect. But with a little adjustment, you’ll soon be able to get it just right. And then you can sit back and listen to everyone’s compliments on your great theme Christmas tree.

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