Ideas for Your Christmas Photo Cards
To go to a professional photographer, or not to go – that is often the question when deciding on a picture for an annual Christmas photo card.

It’s true that a professional photographer can create a one-of-a-kind image that will certainly make your holiday photo cards look great. But with today’s user-friendly digital cameras, you can also create great-looking photos yourself.

Many people like to take a photo of the family in front of the Christmas tree. They simply put the camera on a tripod, stand in front of the tree and snap. But there are plenty of ways to make this type of photo more creative. One idea for getting a great Christmas photo card in front of the tree is to have family members dress in opposite colors – for instance, the men could wear red and the women could wear green. Or everyone can wear the same contrasting shirts and pants.

If you’d like to have a little fun, have everyone wear reindeer antlers or Santa hats. If your normal holiday photo just includes a standard photo of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, this will be a fun alternative. You can also turn a standard photo of everyone in front of the tree into a more whimsical image simply by selecting new poses and adding some variations in height and perspective.

For instance, you could have one person standing on a ladder placing an ornament on the tree, while others stand. If you’re a couple with a child, you could even have the two of you standing while holding the child in a horizontal position in front of you. Or you could all lie down on the floor with your heads together and have someone stand above and shoot down. Be creative!

Another idea is to take the photo in front of a Christmas-themed backdrop rather than at home in front of the tree. Check out the holiday displays at the local mall or other area businesses. Since businesses are looking to pull in the Christmas shoppers, they’ll often have colorful display featuring Christmas scenes. You can usually get pictures of your family in front of these displays. But if a particular business won’t let you do that, head for a smaller shop and just ask. Most business owners are happy to oblige.

For more ideas, just look at any website offering photo Christmas cards. The sample images you’ll find on these cards will give you some great ideas. Then go have fun! And remember – the perfect Christmas picture is the one where everyone in the photo is enjoying themselves and the camera has captured the moment so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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