The Meaning of Christmas

Article by Emma Townsend

There is no doubt that Christmas is a very special holiday. Thinking of Christmas brings to mind various smells, sounds and sights, but different people feel different way about the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas day is recognised as Christ’s birthday, and thus it is a very important day of the year for Christians. In sequence, reminds us of Christmas Carols, Nativity Scenes and midnight worship, and all these are very special to Christians and evoke feelings of peace and harmony.

Christmas is also a special time for the non-religious. The spirit of Christmas reminds most people of shiny snow, robin redbreasts, snowmen, joyful Santas, fairy lights, Christmas decorations, candles, crackers, roaring log fires; the list is endless. The essence of cinnamon is also associated with Christmas: in fact, it has been claimed that candles, carols and the smell of cinnamon make us feel the spirit of Christmas. Why do we associate the smell of cinnamon with Christmas? Well, it has long been used in Europe to flavour Christmas cakes and mince pies, thus its distinctive aroma is immediately noticable.

Talking of food, there are many types of heavenly food associated with the spirit of Christmas. Turkey, goose, mince pies, rich Christmas pudding and cakes, cranberry and bread sauce, brussels sprouts, gingerbread, brandy butter, chestnuts – its enough to make you feel hungry!

In addition to the tantalising range of dishes above, there are some drinks traditionally served at Christmas – two that spring to mind are mulled wine and egg nog. Mulled wine is very easy to make, you need red wine, sugar, cinnamon and clove, heat them up then you can drink the mulled wine immediately. Egg nog is a mixture of milk, eggs, sugar, brandy and vanilla, and may be served hot or cold. Both these drinks warm you up on the cold, dark winter’s nights!

I believe nobody would disagree that Xmas would not be Xmas without a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree has symbolised Christmas for five hundred years, and an angel or star is often on the top of the tree to signify the Star of Bethlehem or the angels from the Nativity. The evergreen pine tree especially reminds us of the Christmas spirit, with its distinctive pine smell. Today, there are trees to suit every home, even contemporary black trees for the modern home design.

The true spirit of Christmas is created by a little bit of all the above. A roaring log fire, a choir singing carols in the market square, twinkling lights in the window and lovely food and drink all help to make Xmas a really special time. However, the best part of Christmas is spending quality time with family and friends, giving and getting carefully chosen presents – after all, being with people we love at such a special time is what Christmas is all about– and don’t forget the mistletoe!

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