Christmas Celebrations with Christmas Gifts and Christmas Games

Article by Anila Maben

The outburst of recession has brought terrible changes in the life of people. We have spent the whole year worrying about our finances. But now with Christmas in the air it is time for fun and enjoyment. Let’s forget the past months and dance and celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without Christmas gifts and Christmas games. Christmas gifts have a reference to the past. When our savior Jesus Christ was born mother Mary was gifted precious jewels and things by the three kings who came to see him. We have kept the custom alive by giving Christmas gifts to our close friends to mark the happiness of Jesus Christ’s birth.

Christmas games add more action to the Christmas celebrations. When you have a Christmas get together at your home these Christmas games turn out to be nice and cheerful. They are group games and easy to play by all. The best game which can be played on Christmas is the “Unwrap the Gift”.

In this game the party host has to wrap a gift with a number of gift wrapping papers. As the party begins the party members should form a circle and start singing a Christmas carol or song and keep passing the gift from one person to other. When the song stops the person who has the gift should unwrap the first wrapper. The game should be continued in the same fashion where each member will unwrap it when it comes to them. The last person to unwrap the game should be declared the winner and the gift stays with him/her.

Likewise many other games are there for Christmas celebrations. However a unique and pious way to celebrate Christmas is to have your children receive personalized letters from the Santa Claus. Though it is not a game it is still a good idea to make Christmas special for your child. To make the letter real you can get marked with North Pole Post Mark.

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