The Family and Christmas

Article by Phoem Francisco

It is one of the most important days of the year for the majority of families around the world. That day is Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Jesus and a time for happiness and sharing of blessings to others. Families can be truly busy preparing for the coming holiday. Decorating the house with Christmas decors and lights, buying presents, beautifying the Christmas tree, planning for a sumptuous dinner are just few of things that families do during Christmas.

Christmas day is also a wonderful occasion for family get-together. Members of the family and their relatives usually meets together to observe Christmas and have a joyous time to bond together. Giving Christmas gifts and playing some games are also part of the celebration. The Christmas get-together helps families to get in touch with their families by having a great chat while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or tea that can absolutely beats the chilly temperature of winter.

On the other hand, there are people who are spending Christmas away from their family. Nevertheless, through the help of technology, family members can still have some moment and exchange greetings with their relatives. Giving a call is the most popular and effective method of sending greetings. In fact, phone lines are getting busy and congested during Christmas Eve. Internet also plays an essential role in family communication. Through internet chatting and electronic greeting cards, families can greet their loved ones who live in the other country without any problem at all.

For a split family, Christmas still there to share some happy moments. The child will go to his/her father and mom’s home to join the celebration. It could be difficult for some individuals to stay with someone they see very little, but Christmas can remove the wall that separates parents to their children. With Christmas, parents can set aside their worries and spend some great time with their children.

Truly, Christmas is a time for the family. It is an ideal time to have bonding moment and show the love and care to one another. And whatever the situation of the family is, the true spirit of Christmas is always present to give happiness and hope.

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