Decorating Your Christmas Tree for Your Christmas Party

Article by Marie Coles

Christmas trees are a centre piece to Christmas. They not only make the Christmas holiday period special, they look divine too. Ornate and as a symbol of the joy of Christmas, Christmas trees make the perfect décor for your Christmas parties.

Before you even start upon the exciting prospect of decorating the Christmas tree, you need to choose whether you want to purchase a fake or real one. Although, fake Christmas trees are cheaper and can be reused over and over again, they are not environmentally friendly due to the materials they are made out of. Unlike fake trees, real Firs have a smaller carbon footprint; however, due to the use of pesticides, which kill off animal’s habitats, mass grown Fir trees are often just as damaging to the environment. If possible, look for a Christmas tree producer who grows them in a sustainable and natural fashion.

When it comes to Christmas decorations for your tree, you have a lot to choose from. Classic decorations include tinsel, the old fashioned garlands or ribbons; lighting, either by candle or fairy lights and a tree topper, which is often an angel or golden star. Baubles are another Christmas classic and can be found in plastics or glass, coated in a shiny metallic layer and a polymer, which gives the bauble its colour.

You can find decorations in a number of themes or colours. Popular choices include the classic red and green theme, the contemporary purple and silver design, gold and silver, as well as blue. When it comes to choosing, think about what your guests would like and if the design matches the venue and the rest of the décor. After that simply just get creative with the décor!

If decorating is not your thing, why not get a group of your work mates together before the event and decorate the tree. It’s a great way to have fun as work mates out of office hours!

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