How to Make Christmas That Bit More Personal

Article by John Smith

No matter how old we get, there’s no denying that we all get that little rush of excitement when we wake up on Christmas morning. Although there are many reasons to enjoy the day, the anticipation of finding out what gifts we’ve been given could be a Christmas present in itself.

But have you ever had that feeling of ‘d vous’ as you tear back the wrapping paper and look at what you’ve got? Pyjamas, slippers, a knitted jumperit probably wouldn’t feel like Christmas if no one received at least one pair of socks. So how can we get truly excited about those Christmas gifts when we already know what we’re getting? By making your Christmas gifts a little bit more personal this year, such as investing in some personalised calendars for all the family, you’re guaranteed to bring some genuine smiles to the faces of those who you love the most.

Presents for the Kids

Younger Children will always find Christmas a truly magical time and it seems only right to treasure that in some way. With personalised Christmas gifts such as personalised calendars, you can ensure that you are giving them gifts that will last for a long time to come. For the younger children then a Personalised breakfast set can not only create a bit of fun at the dinner table, but they can also make wonderful keepsakes for when the kids grow up. A personalised teddy, or mug will hold the same nostalgia for years and it is these sorts of treasures that can also be passed on to their children too. For the slightly older children then invest in some personalised calendars if you really want to impress them this year. Calendars are a staple present just like the pyjamas and socks, but the personalised calendars incorporate the recipients own name into the cleverly arranged pictures, making them the true star of wonder this Christmas.

Christmas presents for Teenagers

Personalised calendars make great gifts for all members of the family but teenagers should be particularly easy to please as they’re more likely to have some obvious interests – all of which can be found in a great selection of personalised calendars. Perhaps he fancies himself as a professional football star or maybe she wants to be an actress. Well, they can easily give Beckham and Kiera a run for their money when they see their own name integrated into the twelve amazing pictures of their personalised calendars. Remember that the key to impressing most teenagers is revealing that you too can be ‘cool’ and there could be no better way to impress than presenting them with a ‘Personalised Framed Did Disc’ a mounted disc of any special song and artist. Just like the personalised calendars, these gifts can take centre stage on their bedroom walls.

Gifts for the Grandparents

It can be easy to fall into the habit of buying the same sort of presents for the more senior members of the family something for the garden perhaps, or the latest must have gadget that you know they’ll never use. But surprise your parents with personalised calendars this year and you can be sure it will be a very merry Christmas all round. There are several themes to choose from such as golfing, gardening, ‘my mum’ and the ‘Essential Calendar’ personalised calendars that contain twelve stunning images. How about a personalised bottle of champagne? Or an ‘Engraved Pewter Tankard’? Like the personalised calendars, these gifts may seem quite ordinary at first, but the surprise is in the second glance.

Presents for your loved one

If you’ve got your partner well trained then come Christmas, you should be unwrapping the present you’ve been dropping ‘subtle’ hints about for the last few months. However, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy this year then try one of the personalised calendars – the romantic themed personalised calendars can be a special treat for both of you to share. What about an original newspaper from the day they were born? Personalised and engraved gifts are a great opportunity to tell someone how much you care, but sometimes it’s the little presents that will let them know how much you love them. What Christmas would be complete without a ‘lover duck’ rubber duck or even your ‘Last Rolo’?

And for the Pets

As fully fledged members of the family, it would seem unfair to celebrate Christmas without including your beloved pets. Though they’re likely to be happy with a new toy and a bit of extra attention; they too could have their name immortalised in a special pet’s version of the personalised calendars.

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