The Truth About Christmas

Article by Lyan April Osalia

Time flies so fast. It was just like yesterday that you were very busy preparing sumptuous food for the New Year, but now you are bustling preparing again for the coming holiday. Isn’t it amazing? Many children will be counting the days for their presents to be given. Every member of the family will start decorating the house with various colorful ornaments and icicle Christmas lights. Hundreds of shining Christmas balls, sugary canes and silvery bells will be adorned around the big evergreen Christmas tree. A number of garlands and artificial vines will be beautifully intertwined in the banister trail and mantel. And the fresh looking holiday wreaths hanging on the door will perfectly complete the picture. Everyone must be excited to wrap their homes not only with coordinated Christmas crafts and decorations like wreaths or garlands but also to envelope it with sheer pleasure of happiness and memories.

Other people are becoming too conscious on how to maximize the spaces around the vicinity especially this Yuletide season. They think that by putting some exquisite elements on their houses, they can impeccably flaunt the true expression of themselves. Likewise, they can leave something baffling and seemingly, more intriguing and interesting to the visitors. For example, hanging the big themed Christmas wreaths on their portals can surely captivate the visual interests of the neighbors. They believe that they symbolize for the eternal value of love. Moreover, they want to blissfully show to the world that Christmas conveys something significant. Something beyond our imagination and what we believe. It is not only about following traditions or putting embellishments, but it is about helping and loving others unconditionally.

On the other hand, if we delightfully celebrating Christmas, there are some people who do not want to commemorate the said occasion because they had a catastrophic experience before or it is part of their culture. They do not want to embellish their walls with holiday wreaths and their hearth with red ribbons. They do not want to feel the excitement of receiving gift of love from their neighbors. Their living room is empty – no light fixtures or any shades of hues. They just want to be alone and sit beside the window gazing at the mistletoe moving in slow motion. It is sad yet whatever be their purposes maybe, we need to respect their beliefs and views about Christmas.

Christmas is a time to share our blessings to others and remembering our reasons for a living. Forget the idiosyncrasies of the past and learn to face the new morning of the present. Remember that life is too short to be wasted. Start to seize the day while you may. Celebrate it with joy and without grudges. May you feel the warmth it brings this year. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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