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Christmas is the day for all friends and family members to gather with each other, of course, they have to dress more striking than usual! Wear the eye-catching woolen coat with a dark and low collar bottoming shirt, the wear a pair of high-heeled boots showing beautiful legs, and finally, bring the newest bagsok leather bag, it will attract people definitely!

Every December, the atmosphere of Christmas is always particularly strong. Unlike previous years, there is new trend on 2010 Christmas: Christmas father is OUT, and Christmas girl appear as a fashion! Whether business activities or cocktail parties, including the festival dress of street fashion people, you can see the Christmas girls. There are big stars, as well as ordinary people. cute or sexy, which do you prefer?

Classic Christmas

Senior white-collars wear evening dresses, always appearing decent and generous, which is the smart choice for business parties. Simple and elegant evening wear focuses on highlighting women’s dignified temperament, not fancy or exaggerated.

Society demand for office lady is higher, so it is the trend to choose the dress which can “wear to business party”; do not stereotyped the black or gray, the soft color can increase the affinity of women and perform female charm professionally.

Christmas in graceful color

In a gentle fashion, you will find that the more charming the color is, the more points added to the image. The winter will be no longer in a mass of darkness.

Sexiness is a tool for Party Queen, so you can choose an evening dress with soft satin; the most motive part of women is to the “dangerous signal” conveyed through dress, fatal attraction.

Cool Christmas

Put aside the pressure of work, the smart and talented women make the party full of lively charm.

In addition to the decent black, the bright and eye-catching color is also very good.

Graceful Christmas

The youth is the largest capital for young professional women, although their income may be not so much, dresses are under one thousand, they are still graceful on Christmas.

Fur, black and light are essential elements belonging to the party, so do not miss it; the graceful “X” shape allows charming figure more explicit, and the waistline is the key point.

As the Christmas is coming, you really should plan for the party well, I believe that no matter which appearance, it is worth to wait.

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