Christmas Celebrations in Lapland

Article by Claire Warrington

Santa Claus has to be the top reason most tourists visit Lapland, other reasons are for the great skiing and lots of winter activities. The secret of Santa Claus in Lapland is the chance to visit the very home of the man himself and although we all know he visits each and every child wherever they live, seeing Santa at the North Pole is a dream of most children and adults too. For the children of Lapland, Santa represents warmth, joy and magic and of course Christmas Day where they will receive and give gifts. There are many celebrations in Lapland that take place in the run up to Christmas and after into the New year and all the celebrations are surrounded by the local customs and traditions. Christmas and Santa Claus is a time for celebration and joy and the lighting of the candles which takes place on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve is a celebration of Christmas and all we have to be thankful for.The lighting of the candles is a wonderful sight, every home turns out their house lights and only the light from the candles in the street can be seen. With the snow falling softly the atmosphere is magic. On New year’s Eve the candles will be lit again in the early evening and like here in the U,k, the locals in Lapland will go out and celebrate all there is to look forward to in the new year. The Northern lights are very common at this time of year and a Northern lights show on New year’s Eve adds to the magic of this wonderful place. Like the children in the U,K, the children of Lapland have their advent calendars and will begin opening them in the run up to Christmas. Christmas Eve is a very special time and one for families. It may be spent with a magical walk through untouched snow followed by a sauna which is traditional on Christmas Eve. The family will have a meal with all the traditional Finnish foods and then they will settle back and play games and sing songs. Christmas Eve will also see some of the presents opened and Christmas day will be spent out and about in Lapland’s countryside. Cross country skiing is a real favourite with the locals and Christmas Day will see families out and about on the cross country ski tracks. The locals in Lapland love their country and all of its traditions and they live life to the full. The New Year sees the arrival of longer days and the realisation that the sun will soon be visible above the horizon.

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