Organising a Christmas Party

Organising A Christmas Party

Being the party organiser can be a very daunting task – selecting the venue, getting menu choices and, more importantly, getting money off your guests – and it’s only June!! Then hoping the venue delivers and all of your guests have a great time as it’s your head on the line if they don’t! You can see why many people shy way from being the organiser, as trying to please everyone is hard and don’t forget you have a day job, too – so has it just become easier to hit the town, have a few drinks and a curry??

But come on, everyone – this is your Christmas Party, the one night of the year you all get together and celebrate. You can forget all of the office politics. It’s time to dress to impress and do something special – you can go to the local pub any day of the week – this is Christmas and should be celebrated!!

We all know it’s tough out there and at the end of the day the Christmas party can be seen as a luxury and non essential and a perk that is the first to be cut. Many companies are no longer able to put their hand in their pocket for an all-expense-paid event.

Parties are more departmental – smaller – perhaps just staff. No longer are partners involved and more likely every member of staff has had to pay fully for their own ticket without any subsidy from the company. So of course as it’s your hard earned cash, you want to make sure you spend it wisely and get true value for money – which makes choosing the right venue key.

Why not try to encourage your guests to adopt a savings plan – like the old fashioned Christmas club. No-one misses a few pounds a week, and if you start staving early – by the time the big day is here – its all paid for, along with money for drinks on the night and that all important little black number.

So keep the spirit of Christmas alive – as a business it’s an excellent way to thank your staff for their hard work over the year and is a great morale booster. As they say – you get what you pay for – there’s plenty of cheap and cheerful out there, but a good quality event from a reputable venue will guarantee you and your guests have a night to remember – but for all the right reasons!

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