Eat Healthy during Christmas

Article by Christine Jackson

Life size Santas, large trees sparkling in lights, ribbon tied gift boxes, wines, turkeys and cakes, all of these remind us of a perfect Christmas. Christmas is all about celebration and good food. After having lean meals through out the year, finally the spicy aroma of brine soaked turkey brew from our kitchen. We are overwhelmed by the garnished goodies served at the table. Last year, you almost got your eyes roving around so much of food cooked by your Mom. You were so happy that all your favorites have been cooked by your dear lady. Nevertheless you cared too little about your health. Well, this is no news for us, since most of us have our minds set into munching spicy foodstuffs; and then comes liquor adding fuel to everything.

If you still haven’t cared for your wellbeing, then give it a thought this Christmas. Even if you have parties to attend for Christmas or have your fridge got stuffed with food, make a resolution to not harm your digestive system at any cost. Your health matters when it comes to having stuffed your stomach with Christmas meals. Even if you have invited your friends and relatives for festive dinner, make sure to avoid meals rich in cholesterol and fat. Plainly you should avoid adding too much spice, sugar and fatty items like butter. A delectable dish can be made healthy by adding boiled and less spicy items. This is just to make sure that you, your family, or the invitees don’t get tough time digesting the heavy meal at your place.

Christmas is when we pour our hearts out, feeling blessed for togetherness when all our family members join in for a dinner. It’s true that celebrations don’t always need your pockets to get emptied within no time and having hectic hours cooking over delicacies for days. A Christmas meal can be made simple and healthy by cooking natural health recipes where you have a bit of everything traditional cooked in a lean and effortless way. Over cooked foodstuffs is simply a big no-no for those who care about their wellbeing even when they are partying around with family and friends.

Christmas dinners seem shabby without meat loafs and stuffed cabbage. But you can still have them cooked with less spices and avoiding fatty proteins. You can even replace fatty items with more of vegetables so that your stomach gets stuffed with healthy veggies, adding on some food value to your Christmas meal. Even a scoop of reduced fat yoghurt can define your dinner further. Turkey is a great example of replacing pork. Try out the traditional oven roasted brine soaked turkey. Seems yummy isn’t it? The best way to substitute white bread is to have your platter decorated with some of graham or rye bread. Don’t forget to add loads of salads to your meal that counts for a big and healthy appetite. Healthy eating is always good, be it Christmas or any other occasion, because good food doesn’t really need a cause to celebrate.

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