Christmas Letter Examples – Howard Family Christmas Letter 2002

christmas letter examplesHere’s another example of how to turn the events of your year into a story. Below is an actual Christmas letter that was sent out by the Howard family of California in 2002. To see other Christmas letter examples from this writer, click one of the years below.

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Christmas Letter Examples
Howard Family Christmas Letter 2002 – Santa Sneaks In

Twas the night before Christmas, and Cayne and Lisa were lounging in their family room. Cayne stretched out on the sofa. Lisa took the La-Z-Boy. “You think he’s asleep?” Cayne asked. Lisa listened and nodded. “He was out like a light when I put him in his bed.”

“Well, he should be. He’s been up since 5:30 today.” Cayne pretended to be upset, but her voice betrayed the humor.

Lisa smiled. At two years old, Chase was a non-stop bundle of energy. No matter how little sleep he got, on most nights he still had enough energy to resist bedtime by staying awake and talking for an hour. Tonight was the exception. He had gone to bed almost instantly. Well, perhaps instantly wasn’t exactly the word. First Mommy had to read “Bear Snores On,” or, as Chase called it, “Bear Nores On,” and then it was time for “Rumble in the Jungle” (also known in two-year-old slang as “Jungle Jungle”). After Lisa finished reading those books and put him in bed, he had to recite his list of people who loved him. And then he fell asleep. So maybe it wasn’t instant, but he did fall asleep quickly rather than talking in his crib.

Now Cayne and Lisa were relaxing in their new house, enjoying the quiet. “Wow. Can you believe we’ve already been here for six months?” Lisa said, looking around the house that still had bare walls and a few as-yet-unpacked boxes stuffed in closets, even though it was all decorated for the holidays.

“Yeah, it’s gone by so quick. But this totally feels like home now. I can hardly remember living in the condo.” Their new home was a four-room, two-story house in a new development in Pittsburg, and they had already been in the new place for six months.

Lisa looked around. “Did you hear that?” she asked.

“What? I didn’t hear anything.” Cayne said. Lisa listened again, didn’t seem to hear anything, and went on. “It’s nice to just sit around and relax for awhile, huh?” she asked. It seemed like life had been flying by for months.

The year has started off fairly slow. They had taken a short trip to a wild animal park early in the year and spent the weekend in African tent cabins. Very fun and relaxing. And then life went into fast forward. They decided to sell their condo and sold it within a week of placing it on the market. Then they held their breath as they waited to see if they’d be able to get a house in the new development. The homes were selling so quickly that the developer had resorted to a lottery system. They ultimately were able to purchase a house that another person had lost – but not until they engaged in a frantic race to close in record time and ended up in a last-minute panic when it appeared they needed to be out of their condo on Saturday but wouldn’t be able to move into their new place until Monday. Thanks to the efforts of an angelic title officer, it all worked out. But Lisa had nightmares about it for weeks.

Now they could sit in their family room and relax. Cayne walked to the shelves Lisa’s dad had built and turned on the stereo. Melissa Etheridge began to sing.

“Your dad did a really nice job on those shelves,” Cayne said as she sat down again.

“Not to mention everything else he did,” Lisa added. Her dad had been a huge help in getting the new house into shape. He spent numerous weekends putting in window coverings, a sprinkler system, garden plants, and shelves. Chase loved waking up in the morning and seeing Grandpa working outside in the yard. “I’m just glad everything’s pretty much done now,” Lisa said. “I’ve got enough stuff to do at work these days.”

In May, Lisa had been promoted to a new position in the sales department and her team doubled from five people to ten. And then all hell broke loose; the workload quadrupled virtually overnight and continued to grow exponentially every month. By November, they had literally increased workload by 20x, even though overall headcount went down.

“There it is again. Did you hear that?” Lisa asked. Cayne shook her head. “Nope. What’d it sound like?”

Lisa watched Millie slink into the room as she answered. “It sounded like… bells.” She shrugged. “But now I don’t hear it.” The cat looked at the humans, but didn’t come. She was still too shy. Millie, (short for Milagro, or “miracle” in Spanish) became the newest feline member of the household after she had been hit by a car. When Cayne and Lisa found her, the all-black kitten was attempting to drag herself across the road. She couldn’t have been more than six weeks old, and her amazing ability to escape permanent damage from the car earned the feral cat her new home and nickname.

It had definitely been a busy year. To get away from it all, they had taken a trip to Orlando. Chase’s favorite part was visiting “Kickey” Mouse’s world and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, while the highlight for Cayne and Lisa was visiting an aquatic park where they got to swim with a dolphin named Lester. And Lisa was thrilled to visit Aunt April and her cousin Dawn Marie during the trip and just hours before Dawn Marie went into labor with her first baby, a boy. A few weeks after they returned home, Chase celebrated his second birthday, and then in December he was the ring bearer for Cayne’s brother’s wedding.

Lisa got up. “Well, I’m ready to hit the sack. How ‘bout you?” Cayne got up, too. “Yep. I’ll be right behind you,” she said. Lisa headed upstairs, while Cayne lagged a few minutes behind to turn off the stereo and unplug all the Christmas lights.

It was only then that the faint tinkling of bells once again sounded outside. The women never saw or heard the man dressed in red as he slid down their chimney and placed presents under the tree, but as he jumped in his sleigh and took to the sky, they heard a voice cry out, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

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