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Article by Jonaha Knaacik

Christmas time is that time of year when all kinds of memories of childhood and feelings come back to you. It only takes a few minutes to remember the excitement of being part of the cast in a Christmas play. In your mind you can see the simple interior set and then your mind wanders to the simple exterior set you seem to recall of the play the Christmas Story. It not only is a childhood Christmas memory, but it is also a memory we make each year.

The particular year I remember, everyone seemed to be part of the cast and yet some were working on the set while others were part of the flexible cast and working where ever they were needed. Practicing and creating the interior set was just part of the excitement of the Christmas Story play. We all worked hard and fast meet the set time the Christmas play was to be performed. I remember helping make the interior set. It was a simple interior set and we made sure that it was flexible enough to move it around to be used as part of the simple exterior set.

After that Christmas season of the Christmas Story play at the church, it has become a tradition in our home to put on a Christmas story play. The best part about putting on the Christmas Plays Christmas time is about is being able to be flexible in the cast. From year to year children grow and some family members are not available to join us in our Christmas play. But, we were able to be flexible with our family that made our cast flexible in our play. We also were able to schedule the time we put into the play and how many minutes we wanted to devote our time to the Christmas Story play.

I remember one year that we made a simple interior set and a simple exterior set for the Christmas Story play. We then were able to put together the most flexible cast for this Christmas play. We had a couple of flexible cast members that could show up a few times to put on our wonderful Christmas Story play. We were flexible and simple enough that we were able to set up our simple interior set and our simple exterior set of our Christmas play outdoors and share these Christmas minutes with the community.

This tender Christmas play was the hit of the season. We made this Christmas Story play at a set time for community member to view. People took the time to come see our Christmas play and to greet our flexible cast members. The outdoor setting was perfect and our sets were flexible enough that we were able to perform this Christmas Story play inside or outside. It brought back that tender Christmas time feeling to everyone that spent those minutes with us as we told the Christmas story in a simple loving way. It has now become a Christmas time tradition, but the key is to keep it simple with the set and the cast.

It is always fun to be part of a Christmas Story play. Whether you are an adult or child, when you are working with flexible cast members that can both perform and help create interior sets and simple exterior sets the time spent with them become fond memories of Christmas Plays Christmas time can share. 069af4767b1dffe1477231cc102f6616

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