Holiday Engagement: Christmas Engagement Proposal Ideas

Article by Raychle Searfoss

Itâ??s that time of year when everyone gets close to those they love. They remember what they are thankful for and think about what they want to hold on for the future. Christmas engagements are very common and in fact, most engagements actually happen around the holidays!Some guys are clueless when it comes to proposing on Christmas, or thinking of Christmas engagement ideas. Here are a few ideas to either give you the picture perfect holiday engagement, or to spark your creativity to say â??Merry Christmasâ?? in the most surprising way!Make the Ring the OrnamentA cute way to propose at Christmas is to hang the ring on the Christmas tree â?? like an ornament! Have the ring be the ONLY ornament on the tree when she walks inâ?¦or, hang the ring box with ribbon on the tree and point out the â??interestingâ?? new ornament. She wonâ??t know what to think!Visit Santa Claus No, seriously. Go to the mall and visit Santa Claus. This could be the making of the perfect Christmas engagement! Tell her you know what she wants for Christmasâ?¦then BOOM. Drop down on one knee in front of everyone. She will have to say that Santa knew what she wanted! (Cheesy, but true!)The Magic of MistletoeEveryone knows that the Christmas tradition is to kiss under the mistletoeâ?¦so why not take it a step further? Give her a quick smooch then pop the question right there â?? propose under the Christmas mistletoe! It is a romantic, personal, and intimate way to share the moment together.The Bottom of the StockingThis Christmas engagement proposal idea is pretty easy to figure out. Hide the ring box at the very bottom of her Christmas stocking. When she goes through all the candy and little things along the way, the best present yet will be waiting at the bottom â?? an engagement ring!The Stroke of MidnightAnother interesting Christmas proposal idea is to ask the question when the clock strikes midnight â?? that moment between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You can bring in the holiday the very second it begins with your surprise Christmas engagement.With the Family Gathered â??RoundThis Christmas engagement idea is one that you can only do if you are comfortable and on good terms with the family! If you both are super close to your families, try popping the question of marriage when the family is together to celebrate the holiday. Then everyone can celebrate together when she says, â??Yes!â??.Christmas AbroadMany people travel for the Christmas holiday. Try taking a trip to an exotic location, somewhere you both love. Whether it be the heart of Europe or the coast of Costa Rica, a creative way to propose at Christmas is to ask her when you are somewhere completely new â?? an adventure you are both on together! The best part will be coming back home to share the happy news.A Romantic Evening OutMaybe a romantic date for the two of you is a way you might be more comfortable with when proposing at Christmas. Try planning a lovey dovey romantic date night out. A carriage ride downtown, looking at the Christmas lights in the snow, dinner at a fancy restaurant under candlelight, or a home cooked meal at home with Christmas music playing in the background offer the perfect Christmas engagement setting.Personalize It! (The Ornament, that is)We all have seen those ornaments in the mall and other shops where you can personalize your own Christmas ornament. Try putting those 4 words on a Christmas ornament! Have it engraved or painted on, then leave it on the tree and lead her to it. You wonâ??t even have to talk! The ornament will speak for itself.Christmas Photo AlbumA creative way to propose, and a perfect gift in itself, is a customized photo album with photos of the two of you. Websites like Shutterfly can create amazing Christmas photo albums that you can give to her as a gift. Make the last picture in the album a photo of the ring. Then ask away.Ask In BedThis is probably the most intimate way to ask that heart stopping question. On Christmas morning, stay in bed. Keep things personal and private with each other. Asking her to marry you in bed on Christmas morning might not seem like the most creative way to propose at Christmas, but it will be a moment just the two of you can share in an environment and space the two of you only share.

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