Welcome to the new Christmas Letter Tips.com!

christmas letter tipsWelcome to the new site!

When I started Christmas Letter Tips.com in 2004, I used my rudimentary knowledge of HTML to piece together the site late at night after my son (who was four at the time) went to bed. It has changed little since then. Oh, I’ve added a few things here and removed a few things there, but it’s largely looked the same and had the same content for five years.  That’s an eternity in Internet time! Since this site launched, YouTube was started, sold to Google, and became The place everyone loves to waste time online; Facebook went from a membership site open only to Harvard students to the fastest growing social network with more than 200 million users; Internet users learned to Digg and Mixx, and Elf-ing Yourself became a popular Christmas pasttime.

A lot has changed in the Internet world since Christmas Letter Tips.com first started, so it was (past) time for me to change, too. This old elf had to learn some new tricks, but I finally did, and the result is the new site you’re looking at.

It’s still under construction, so please bear with me if you stumble upon this section before it’s finished. But you’ll be happy to hear that I’m keeping all the things that have made the site popular (such as advice on how to write a Christmas letter and the free Santa letters), and I’ll also be adding new features such as premium Santa letter templates and Christmas letter templates and a blog about all things Christmas. And, of course, I’ve overhauled the design.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new 2009 version of Christmas Letter Tips.com!

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