Farting Elves – 12 Days of Christmas from JibJab

JibJab may be best known for “This Land,” the political parody video about the 2004 elections, but the site also offers many other types of funny videos, from the “Starring You” series that lets you add your own face to a funny animated video, to a variety of other original and irreverent animated stories. One of these original animated videos is the Farting Elves.

This humorous video features Santa’s elves (along with Mrs. Claus and Santa himself) farting to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Yes, farting. Who knew elves had this type of odd musical talent? I thought they only knew how to build toys.

This JibJab video may feature childish bathroom humor, but more than a quarter of a million people have watched this video on YouTube, so a lot of people are apparently interested in seeing elves pass gas. Kids, of course, will love this. My eight-year-old son thinks it’s hysterical. So go on, check it out. You know you want to. (And we won’t tell.)

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