Save Time – Let Someone Else Send Cards Out for You

Let’s face it. The annual ritual of sending out Christmas cards is a lot of work. Even if you enjoy picking out just the right card, writing a holiday letter about the things that have happened to your family during the year, and adding a personal note to each card so your card recipient knows you care, the least fun part of sending out Christmas cards is, well, sending them out. So don’t. Let someone else do it.

Who would want to do such a thing? Astonishing Cards and will both perform this service.

Astonishing Cards doesn’t even charge extra. Yep. You can design your own customized Christmas card online, complete with your choice of text and a photo you can upload, and they’ll print and send the cards out the next day. The “Astonishing Cards Advantage” free next day mailing service only applies to any style of large folded Christmas cards and holiday photo cards or postcards (There is an extra fee if you’re buying another type of card.), so check their site to get the full details.

Astonishing Cards has four pages of photo card designs, as well as six pages of Christmas card designs, and you can choose from one of three card formats – large folded card, invitation size folded card, and postcard. Their designs are modern and colorful, and you’ll find the usual assortment of reindeer, Santa, messages of Peace on Earth, etc. can also make your card mailing easy, and they charge only a small fee in addition to the cost of U.S. postage (as low as .79, depending on the type and quantity of cards you purchase). You’ll find an amazing selection of cards here. They’ve got 10 pages of holiday photo card designs, as well hundreds of other cards in their traditional, modern, vintage, and whimsical Christmas card categories. They’ve even got a category of holiday cards featuring pets.

Both sites also offer a wide selection of cards and invitations for other holidays and special occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, and weddings. So if you’re looking to save some time on your Christmas mailing this year, go take a look.

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