Santa Sample Letters – First Year in Kindergarten

printable santa lettersThis sample letter from Santa Claus can be used for all children. To create your own Santa letter to print at home, just copy and paste the text into a word processor and fill in the placeholder text in [BRACKETS] to create your own Santa Claus letter!

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Dear [NAME],
Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s almost Christmas, and I’ve been making my list and checking it twice to see which little boys and girls have been naughty and which have been nice. I’m very happy to see that you’re on my list of nice [AGE]-year-old [GIRLS or BOYS].
I can’t believe you’re already so big that you’re in kindergarten this year! Your [PARENT OR OTHER PERSON] told me that you’re doing well in [TEACHER NAME’s] class. I hope you’re enjoying school and paying attention to your teacher. Education is very important.
The elves have been busy making lots of toys this year and they told me that you want a [TOY] for Christmas. I’ll do my best. My favorite part of Christmas is delivering toys to good children like you, and I always try to bring something you’ll like. But remember that the best part of Christmas is spending time with the people who love you. Toys are just an extra treat.

The reindeer are really looking forward to visiting [YOUR CITY] again this year. Don’t forget to leave out some carrots for them!


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