The 12 Days of Christmas – Christmas Experiences You’ll Never Forget

Article by John Smith

On the twelfth day of Christmas,my true love sent to meTwelve flying lessons,Eleven spa treatments,Ten theatre dinings,Nine gliding launches,Eight wine tastings,Seven poker days,Six family portraits,Five spy games,Four off road drives,Three rock climbs,Two paintball days,And a drive in a Lamborghini!

Are you in a flat panic as to what to give you loved one this Christmas? Tired of seeing those run-of-the-mill presents under the tree? While everyone dreads those boxes of handkerchiefs (as necessary as they are!), or the endless supply of bubble-bath, Christmas can sometimes leave one feeling a bit empty and blue. There’s a feeling that maybe something a bit extra is called for this year? Or every year for that matter? Have you and your partner dreamed of doing something exciting or romantic together but never had the chance? Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to give an affordable gift of a dream come true. Light up your loved one’s face with thrilling Christmas Experience Day Gifts that will create an unforgettable memory for the two of you to share and keep. From the downright romantic to unimaginable adventure, there’s an activity for everyone to share and enjoy.

Choose from a myriad of Christmas Experience Day Gifts, such as really blowing your partner’s hair back and giving a flying lesson, learning all about white knuckles in learning to drive a rally car, or indulging your artistic sensibilities and visiting a West End Theatre and enjoying a romantic dinner for two. Test your endurance, quick-thinking and teamwork as you chase your partner in a Paintball Experience Day, or reinvigorate the senses with deep, luxurious treatments at a health spa. Choose from between driving a luscious Lotus, a ferocious Ferrari, a gritty 4×4 or a lavish Lamborghini and discover which car you would ultimately choose, given half a chance! Saunter through a vineyard, and savour the time-honoured art of winemaking with a Wine Tasting Experience Gift Pack for two, or capture the spirit of early aviation in a Microlighting Experience Day.

For the outdoor lovers, who relish speed and a good adrenaline rush – go white water rafting, or soar with eagles as you glide with a winch. There’s even skydiving for two in an indoor wind tunnel. There really is no end to your imagination when it comes to giving Christmas Experience Day Gifts of a lifetime. Think we’ve covered all the options? Think again! Fall head over heels in love with Harness Sphere-ing for two, take to the skies for an adrenaline-fuelled aerobatics flight in a Bulldog, throw yourselves over a cliff in the ultimate rock climbing experience, or, if you are die-hard Liverpool fans, score a home goal and take that long, longed-for trip to Anfield for a VIP day you’ll never forget.

For the romantic couple in love, turn back the clock and enjoy a great day out on a vintage Thames barge, or soar above the Earth and savour the timelessness and serenity of hot air ballooning. There’s even an Interior Design course that both of you can go on the perfect homeowners’ makeover dream. An amazing experience for anyone that likes a bit of the rough stuff is a Half Day Out Off Road Driving Experience, or if there’s a James Bond in you that’s dying to give the spy world a thrill, invest in a Spy Academy Spy Games Gift Pack, for the excitement of a semi-automatic sniper rifle. You can even help your loved one overcome a phobia – face it together in a Face Your Phobia Experience and learn to deal with all things creepy crawly! For the family, the gift of a family portrait can never be replaced. The perfect moment captured for eternity and for you all to share with the entire family. A keepsake worth a thousand words.

The ultimate Christmas Experience Day choice though has to be a Flexi voucher which allows for a choice of any of two activities listed above. You can mix and match something for him and her, or something adventurous with something romantic. So you and your loved one can indulge your senses, in every way, together. Create a memory that is deeply personal, carefully planned and well-executed on the day. Your life partner will remember and thank you for it as will you. After all, you aren’t just giving enjoyment to someone else; you’ll be getting to share in the whole experience. So it is possible to give Gifts of a lifetime.

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