How to Write Christmas Letters

christmas newsletter templateLove ’em or hate ’em, family Christmas letters have become a part of our culture. Here are some tips on how to write Christmas letters your readers will enjoy.

1. Be yourself.
This is the cardinal rule of holiday letter writing. Write like you speak. Your letter should sound like you wrote it, not like it was penned by your seventh grade English teacher.

2. Don’t brag.
If something good happened to you and your family, announce it, but keep it low-key. Readers don’t enjoy gloating. Remember when you played sports in school and had to shake hands with the losing team after winning a great victory? Keep that image in mind while announcing your latest victories.

3. Use adjectives and adverbs sparingly.
If you’re tempted to add words like “great” and “exciting” and “wonderful” in every sentence, take a break and see rule #1 above.

4. Be creative.
Your Christmas letter doesn’t have to be a long narrative of everything that happened to your family this year. Be creative. Use bullet points, create a puzzle, or turn it into a multiple-choice quiz. You’ll find more creative Christmas letter ideas at Christmas Letter

5. Make it colorful.
Holiday letters are easier and more fun to read when you spice them up with family photos, Christmas clip art, or other images (such as scanned children’s artwork). You can also buy Christmas stationery or Christmas letter templates (such as the one pictured here) to make your letter more fun.

6. Have fun!
Remember that the goal of your annual Christmas letter should be to entertain and inform your readers. If you don’t have fun creating it, your recipients probably won’t enjoy reading it.

7. Read it out loud.
Have you succeeded in writing an informative, entertaining holiday letter? Read it out loud, or have someone else read it to you. If it doesn’t sound right, try again.

8. Add a personal note.
Add one or two handwritten lines at the bottom of each letter to add a personal touch and leave your readers feeling good.

This article is reprinted from Squidoo, How to Write Family Christmas Letters.

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