Tips on Writing Christmas Love Poems for Someone Special

Love In Winter Postage Stamp stampby Sherry Law

Have you searched racks of cards without finding for the perfect Christmas love poem for your sweetheart? Finding cards where the picture on the front is just what you’re looking for, but the words inside are just not quite right? You know what you want to say, so why not create a card yourself? With today’s technology you can give the perfect card every time.

If you haven’t tried to write anything but checks and office memos since high school, the idea of writing a love poem can be daunting. The important thing to remember is that writing poetry, and especially a Christmas love poem, is that your words need to let people feel what is in your heart. Poetry is is not about the perfect rhyme or how many stanzas you write or whether your style is perfect. The most important aspect of writing a love poem that will tug at the heartstrings is that you say what you feel.

Here are 10 simple tips to help pull all these thoughts and ideas tumbling around inside your head out into the open and get them onto paper.

1) Don’t worry about using a particular format. If you read a lot of poetry, you may find your words naturally falling into a certain rhythm, but don’t try to force it. Don’t try to write a sonnet or a rondeau if you would be more comfortable writing an acrostic or free verse poem. NOTE: If you haven’t got a clue about what I just said, go for a free verse or acrostic poem. Free verse doesn’t have any set number of syllables per line and it can rhyme or not, depending on you. In other words – you just write what you feel in a way that sounds good. An acrostic is another easy form – write the letters of a word or words (for example: Christmas or your lover’s name) down the left side of the paper, one per line. Then use those letters as the first letter of a short sentence to get your message across.

2) Set aside some time to work on your poem. Turn off the television. Try to do this when you can have an hour or so by yourself. Put on some music – either something a little romantic or Christmas music. Grab a glass of egg-nog or hot cider or chocolate. Turn on the Christmas lights, if the tree is already decorated. Anything to get you in a romantic Christmas mood.

3) Decide what mood you want your poem to make the reader feel. Do you want to write a silly little poem to make your lover laugh or something more romantic and even a bit nostalgic? Your poem can be sentimental and sweet or too steamy to show anyone except your lover. If you’re not sure what mood you want to invoke when you start writing, the things you write down in Step 5 will probably suggest one to you.
4) Close your eyes for a couple of minutes and picture your lover. Think about past Christmas holidays you have spent together, things your lover does that make them special and unique, anything about them that you love and how that love makes you feel. Think about how you would like to spend this holiday season and the ones in the future. When writing a Christmas love poem, it is not enough to write about your lover, you also need to the reader FEEL Christmas – think about the lights on the trees, the mistletoe hanging in the doorways, the snow or other aspects of the holiday important to the two of you.

5) Using a computer or a pen and paper, write down all the things you’ve been thinking about. Let your thoughts flow freely; brainstorm a little bit. The words don’t have to be in a particular order and the way you write it doesn’t have to make any sense to anyone but you; these are your working notes, not a finished product.

6) When you’ve written down everything you can think of, stop and take a short break. Just a couple of minutes – go get a drink of water or walk around the house. Come back and look at what you wrote. Change or delete anything you don’t like or add anything you came up with during your break. Again – these are your notes, not a finished product; don’t sweat it.

7) Move the words around, putting similar ideas together on the same area of the page. Make some breaks between the ideas (you’re beginning to create “stanzas” for your poem). Read what you’ve written aloud and listen to how it sounds. See if you can think of a different way to say the same thing that sounds better or feels more “right”. Get rid of any words that seem weak or inaccurate, instead try to use words that cause the reader to feel the same intense emotions that you do. Use short sentences whenever possible and remove any unnecessary words. Now is the time to start trying to add some rhymes, if you want to try to write a rhyming poem. A great resource when you’re writing poetry is
They offer not only rhymes but synonyms, as well. In case you’ve forgotten, synonyms are words that mean the same thing – great for finding those stronger, more intense words we were talking about a minute ago. Keep playing with the words – add some, take others away and change the order. When you think you have the words the way you want them, read the poem aloud again. Yes, I did say poem. At this point you should have a poem. It may not be perfect, yet, but if it conveys the emotion you feel it will be a poem. If you like the way it sounds when you read it, you are ready to move on to the next step. If not, keep playing with the words. NOTE: You may never get a poem that you are totally satisfied with. Even great writers sometimes feel that they can’t convey exactly what they want the reader to feel. The trick is to get the work as close as you can, but don’t make yourself crazy over it.

8) Pick a title for your poem. Many times the words in the poem will suggest their own title. If not, pick something that you feel sums up the feeling you are trying to get across. If you are drawing a total blank, you can always call it MY CHRISTMAS LOVE POEM FOR _____ (fill in your lover’s name).

9) Decide how you want to present the poem. You could pick an appropriate picture (your own or one from a stock photo site) and print a custom Christmas card from your home computer or get a blank card from the store and write your Christmas love poem on the inside. If you are giving your lover a book for Christmas you could even inscribe the poem on the inside of it’s cover. Another nice gift idea is to print the poem using a script-type font on parchment paper and frame it.

10) Be sure and sign the poem before you give it to your special someone.

Follow these 10 tips and your intimate thoughts and feelings are only an afternoon away from becoming a present that your spouse or lover will treasure – a Christmas love poem written especially for them by the one they love.

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