Lighten Up This Season With Funny Holiday Greeting Cards

By Sam Davison

What better way to bring a smile, a giggle or a hardy laugh to your friends and loved ones than to send them funny holiday greeting cards. Humor is sometimes the greatest gift of all. As the holiday season gradually begins to creep up on us, we all tend to feel pressured by commercial advertisements and overflowing, catalog-stuffed mailboxes. The message is loud and clear-to give more means to buy more. Discounts and other incentives aside, the sheer magnitude of competing products in the marketplace can quickly drain our wallets and pocketbooks.

Sure, gifts may still be in order, but why not supplement, or substitute them with funny holiday greeting cards. With nearly 3,000 greeting card publishers nationwide to choose from, what’s the best way to quickly zero in on the perfect card? I’ve written about greeting cards before and searched far and wide for companies offering just the right cards. Many catalogs present a unique collection to browse through. Additionally, some websites are very complicated to use while others are super easy to use and images are sharp and clear, web pages load quickly, navigation around the site is simple, and check-out is a breeze. For those of us who still prefer the more tangible approach to shopping, many cards can be found in many brick-and-mortar locations such as: bookstores, coffee shops, pharmacies, food markets, houseware stores, garden centers, and gift shops.

What makes funny holiday greeting cards from certain companies so great? Imagination! For starters, you can’t go wrong with animals. Greeting card companies that love to use all kinds of animals-cats, dogs, birds, penguins, bears, etc. — as subjects for their greeting cards. For instance, I found one holiday card featuring two dogs — one wearing a Santa hat and the other one, red reindeer antlers-sitting at a table in front of a roasted turkey, licking their chops. Another card shows a penguin snatching a carrot off a snowman’s face with its beak. Can you imagine a cat building a snowman? Some crazy photographer caught it on camera!

The omniscient Santa figure also makes a great subject for funny holiday cards. An image of Santa has a way of making everyone feel like a kid again, special, and deserving. Now, imagine Santa sitting down on the job. Whoever thought the jovial, red-suited man takes late-night coffee breaks between deliveries! It’s another classic card.

The best greeting card company’s greetings are non-denominational, appropriate for friends and family of all faiths. Some examples are: “Happy Holidays,” “Enjoy the Magic of the Season,” “Peace on Earth.” and “Warmest wishes for the holidays!”

Cost is also an issue. Generally, I found that at about $13 for a box of 10 cards, individual cards cost about $1.30 each! Other greeting card companies are selling holiday cards for more than $2.50 each and they’re not nearly as nice as some of the cards that cost half as much. Treat your friends, family, and colleagues to funny holiday greeting cards and don’t forget to repeat this year’s holiday mantra… “Start early, spend less, smile more!”

Check out Palm Press’s full line of funny holiday greeting cards at their website. Order early and get all your cards sent out early this year. Less stress makes for a more enjoyable holiday season. If you order $125 of funny holiday greeting cards you’ll even get free shipping! Also, check out the Last Minute Card Kit for great gifts for college students.

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