Family Christmas Letter Ideas

Share holiday moments!by Deborah Dyess
Not everyone is a born writer. For those of you who, like me, are not natural letter-writers, coming up with family Christmas letter ideas can be a challenge. If the thought of sitting down and writing a letter about the entire year terrifies you, it’s time to think outside the box. Creating an annual family letter won’t seem like such a chore if you can find ways to make it more fun and exciting for you. Chances are, it’ll make it more fun and exciting for the folks receiving your letter, too.

So here are some creative family Christmas letter ideas.

Create a Multimedia Greeting
While you can fit a few photos into a newsletter, more is better for your family Christmas letter. Try including a CD of favorite photos and special events. For more pizzazz, try using online services such as Smilebox. You can pick out a background and song to lend emotion to your slideshow. Then have fun and create! Include a copy with each mailed newsletter (or at least with Grandma and Grandpa’s). You can also share your creation with email recipients online.

Make a Top Ten List
David Letterman loves them, Johnny Carson loved them, and we all love them too. The Top Ten List is the hit of the show! Include it in your newsletter or family Christmas letter. Ideas for lists range from sports activities for the kids to best moments on vacation. Include baby’s top ten new words, or your kindergartner’s top ten favorite new books, movies or games. The top ten dumbest/cutest things said in the household is sure to be a hit, but keep careful notes through-out the year to make sure you get them all down!

Tell a Joke… or Two
Ask each family member to contribute a favorite joke, riddle, pun or something funny that happened to them during the year. Sharing humor is always a family favorite. For humorous holiday jokes, search online or visit

Use a Template
Trying to format everything just right in your word processor and then transfer it to preprinted stationery from the office supply store can sometimes lead to frustration, un-Christmas-like obscenities and un-mailed letters. Using a Christmas letter template makes layout easy and allows for more time to write and less to stress. You can find Christmas letter templates at sites such as Christmas Letter Using these formats, you can easily summarize important evens of the year, insert family photos and get it done in time to get it mailed. Or, to save a tree and ensure on-time delivery, email your newsletter as an attachment.

However you choose to share your lives with family members far away, it will be appreciated all year long. Keeping the family tie alive may be the best gift you give or receive!

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