Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

christmas party gamesAre you having a Christmas party to celebrate the holidays this year? Then you may be searching for some good holiday party games. This guide has a short list of games for both kids and adults that will keep everyone having fun for the holidays!

A Tough Wrap: Take a series of boxes, small, medium and large. Wrap the smallest box the way you would wrap a regular gift. Place it inside the medium box. Wrap the medium box so that it’s tougher to unwrap than the smaller one. Now place the medium box down in the larger one. Wrap the larger box with layers of wrapping paper and use tough tape, like box tape or duct tape, to seal it so it’s very difficult to open.

Divide the players into two groups. Each player has exactly 30 seconds each to try and unwrap the box. At the end of the time limit, the team with the box that’s most unwrapped wins.

Christmas Ornament Relay: This game requires a lot of room and should be played outside or in a large indoor room. (It’s great for church Christmas parties). Divide the players into two teams. Pick one person from each team to be the starter. The starter has to pile his or her hands full of round, plastic Christmas balls and run to the other team members to transfer the balls. The recipient then runs back to the home base (a large bucket or tin tub) to deposit the balls, and then comes back. The next person then has to run to the home base, gather all the balls and run back with them. Any balls that the runner accidentally drops must be recovered before continuing the race. The first team to get all the ornaments wins.

Christmas Charades: For a twist on a favorite Christmas party game, use familiar Christmas events as the charade. Use events such as stuffing the turkey, decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, etc.

Mystery Stocking: Take a large stocking and put several Christmas-related items suitable for a child inside. Make sure the top of the stocking is fastened securely. Pass the stocking around and let each person feel it. Then have them write down what they think is inside (or tell you if they’re too young). The player with the closest guess wins the stocking.

Christmas Word List: Give each player a sheet of paper with the words “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” at the top. The object is to write as many words as possible using only the letters at the top of the page. The person who comes up with the most words wins.

Pin the Toys in the Sleigh: Tape a large picture of Santa’s sleigh to the wall. Give each player a picture of a”present” – something you might find in Santa’s sleigh. Blindfold each player and have them try to pin the present inside the sleigh. Closest one wins.

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