Ways to Keep Your Kids Believing in Santa Claus

Printable Santa Letter and Nice List TemplateToday’s legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a real man known as Saint Nicholas. His kindness and acts of generosity have created a lasting legacy that brings joys to millions of children each year. Unfortunately, this wonderful childhood fantasy can’t last forever. Eventually your children will discover that the bearded man in a red suit can’t really fly around the world and deliver toys. But today’s technology can help you keep the magic alive in special ways. Here are some methods for keeping your children believing in Santa.

Santa Letters
Personalized letters from Santa are a great way to keep your kids believing in Santa Claus. Many people think you need to purchase an expensive letter from a company specializing in this service if you’d like to share a Santa letter with your child. But you can save money – and still get a professional-looking letter – by creating your own personalized Santa letter at home. You can buy professional-quality printable Santa letter templates right here at Christmas Letter Tips for less than $5. These templates are saved as Microsoft Word documents, so you can use them for all the kids in your family and again in coming years.

Getting a personalized letter from Santa can definitely keep your child believing in Santa Claus, but the letter is even more effective when you add an official North Pole postmark. The US postal service in North Pole, Alaska, offers this free service every year. To get the North Pole postmark on your child’s letter, simply place your child’s Santa letter in a stamped envelope addressed to him or her and put THAT envelope inside another envelope. Then send them both to: North Pole Christmas Cancellation, Postmaster, 4141 Postmark Drive, Anchorage, AK 99530-99998. The post office will open the outer envelope, stamp the inner envelope with the North Pole postmark and send it back to your child. (Don’t forget the postage on the inner envelope!)

“I Caught Santa” Photos in Your Home
Another great way to keep your child believing in Santa Claus is to “catch” Santa delivering gifts on Christmas Eve. How do you do that? It’s easy with a service such as Capture The Magic. At Capture the Magic, you simply upload a photo of your living room, family room, or any other location, and then follow the simple process to place an image of Santa in your photo. In minutes, you’ll have a great-looking photo of Santa right in your own home! Your kids – and other family members, too – will be amazed.

Santa Videos
There are now a few different websites that help you create personalized videos in which Santa says your child’s name and/or shows a photo of him or her. Some of these services are free, while others charge a small fee. Disney offers a free video in which Santa checks to see if your child is on the Nice List and then shows his or her photo (which you have to upload, of course.) Portable North Pole.Tv is another one. Both of these are only available during the holiday season (November and December).

Tracking Santa
On Christmas Eve, you can track Santa Claus online with your child. NORAD Tracks Santa is a website operated by none other than the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Yes, the military. NORAD is a bi-national United States and Canadian organization charged with the missions of aerospace warning, aerospace control and maritime warning for North America. And since Santa flies through North American airspace on Christmas Eve, the military tracks his movements and reports on his whereabouts so children all over the world can know Santa will soon be at their home. This website opens each year on December 1.

With these high-tech options, you can help keep your child’s belief in Santa alive just a little longer. Eventually he or she will learn that Santa is a wonderful childhood fantasy, but until then, you can share these magical moments with your child.

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