The Evolution of the Christmas Tree

Article by Wayne Hemrick

The evolution of the Christmas tree is one full of lore. With mentions of everything from Norse Gods to Martin Luther, from the Tree of Life to the Garden of Eden, it is a legacy rich with history and color. It is also a legacy that has become synonymous with decorating for Christmas.

In today’s world, decorating for Christmas often begins when the boxes of Christmas decorations are hauled up from the basement, unpacked, and dusted off for another round of use. Families typically begin decorating for Christmas in the days after Thanksgiving, if not sooner. They start by trimming a real tree or simply putting up an artificial one. But, of course, it wasn’t always like this.

Christmas decoration used to be quite different. Rather than hanging ceramic balls from the ends of artificial branches, stringing old popcorn from the top to the bottom, and placing glittery lights throughout, decoration christmas tree used to be much simpler.

In early days, it was not artificial candy canes or glass angels that adorned the trees, it was food: breads, fruits and sweets. The Christmas tree was not just a place to go to gawk, it was also a place to go for a snack. It was also real, a living tree that needed to be cared for and watered. Eventually decorating for Christmas included artificial fruits and candies as well as candles. Once electricity became mainstream, artificial lights were included too.

Today, Christmas trees are vastly different. They rarely include anything edible, with the exception of the candy canes some people prefer to hang. Today’s trees shine with electric lights, glitter, tinsel, and ornaments that are not simply glass balls, they are works of art. Many people also hang handmade ornaments on their trees, made with love from their children.

Another way Christmas trees have drastically evolved has been with the size. In days of yore, Christmas trees used to reach the ceiling, filling out the entire corner of a room. Today, however, they tend to be much smaller.

In fact, the tabletop christmas tree has become increasingly popular. The reason for this is obvious: a tabletop Christmas tree takes up hardly any space. There is no hassle, no mess, and no work setting it up.

decorated table top trees are also an option. These trees come pre-decorated, meaning they are packaged ready to go. Decorated table top trees are true time savers during a season when rush, rush, rush is the name of the game.

But whatever your Christmas tree preference, these symbols of the Christmas season are an integral part of getting in the holiday spirit.

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