Christmas – Festival of Love & Joy

Article by Bharat Peripleko

Each year, it is traditional to give gifts at Christmas. Just as you give gifts to your loved ones, God is offering you a gift as well: the gift of complete forgiveness, freedom from sin, and eternal life with Him in heaven. Just like you must accept a Christmas gift for it to be yours, you must accept God’s gift of salvation. Here is how you can accept this free gift this Christmas:

The word Christmas comes from the early English phrase Christes Masse, which means Christmas Mass.

In Christmas people exchange Gifts and also decorate their Homes with Holly, Lights and the Christmas Trees. People also post in the Greeting Cards to their near ones and dear ones in Christmas. Initially these cards use to show religious pictures – Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, or other parts of the Christmas story. Today, pictures are often jokes, winter pictures, Father Christmas, or romantic scenes of life in past times.

Christmas is celebrated in different ways. It differs country wise. Earlier this was celebrated by going to the Church for prayers, remembering the Christ and cooking special dishes and enjoying with their family. But now the times have changed the tempo of celebrating Christmas has increased. People are now very keen spending ample amount on partying and sending expensive gifts. No one is bothered to go the Church and do the Prayers.

In schools also children get “Christmas Vacation” for 7 days. In schools children are being explained the importance of Christmas and also they make their Christmas Trees and Decorate them. Children are more excited for this Festival as they are being taught in this Festival Santa would come and would fulfill their wishes.

“Santa Claus” (‘Father Christmas’), an old man with long white beard, red coat, and bag of toy. Children are taught he will bring Gifts for them. They would get it on the night before the Christmas. Children to a certain age believe this as true. It is being explained to the children that Santa Claus lives near the North Pole, and arrives through Sky on a snow cart pulled by a deer. It is being said that he comes down into the houses through the chimney at midnight and places presents for the children in socks or bags by their beds or in front of the family Christmas tree.

In shops or at children’s parties, someone will dress up as Father Christmas and give small presents to children, or ask them what gifts they want for Christmas. Christmas can be a time of magic and excitement for children. Parent to please their Kids would themselves put the Gift for them while they are sleeping and would pretend as if Santa came in and kept for them just to make their kids “HAPPY”.

People do hope to get something more from this apart from the Gifts. They want to return to their older days, where life was very simple and easy going. We feel sure that there must be some Key Message, Hope and Happiness behind celebrating Christmas.

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