History of Christmas Celebration

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History of Christmas – Celebrated on the 25th of December, Christmas is the birth date of Jesus Christ. It is the biggest Christian holiday. Although, many experts argue that this may not be the true date of Christ’s birth. There are many theories as to why it is celebrated on the said date. Some say it is celebrated to coincide with the winter solstice, an ancient Roman winter festival. While others say this is the date exactly nine months after the conception of Jesus by Mary. History of Christmas suggests that this date has been used for celebration for many years as the world comes closer together to create warmth during the winter season. True date or no, Christmas continues to be celebrated with much fervor. DecorationsChristmas Candles – The first thing mandatory during any festival are the decorations, Christmas is no exception. Because it is celebrated during the winter season, Christmas candles are a must. Churches and homes are decorated with different colored candles mainly in red and green as they are the two colors of Christmas. Christmas Tree – The tradition of Christmas tree was started during the medieval times by St. Boniface in Germany; he cut down a tree to signifying pagan gods, and gave the people a fir tree to put in their homes as a sign of Christ being the centre of their lives. Today, the trees used are coniferous, real or artificial, and they come in various sizes and are decorated with ornaments. Christmas Ornaments – Though not much is known about the history of the ornaments, they have been adorning the Christmas tree as far as one can remember. Ornaments used for decoration are bells, baubles, angels, Santa figurines, snow crystals and the star. The star is put on the top of the tree to signify the star that brought the three Magi to birth place of Jesus Christ. Christmas Carols – Christmas carols are sung through the season with much fervor, classic carols like Jingle Bells, Silent Night and We Wish you a Merry Christmas can be heard all round following up to the big day. The tradition of Carols began as early as the 4th century, and has been refined over the years. Christmas Cards – Christmas is one of the busiest times for post offices all around the world. Many send out Christmas cards to their loved ones. This tradition is one of the more modern traditions. The first ever card was made by Sir Henry Cole, and sent out in 1843. Today cards are sent out by millions depicting art work or even pictures of family and friends.

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Mady Jojjef is a journalist. His articles & contents published in magazine, he enjoys writing about love & God to develop a catholic community worldwide. Christmas Traditions is a part that suggests the importance of Christmas Tradition around the World. As we all know Christmas Celebration signifies the birth of Jesus Christ. In addition, Christmas also has a spiritual importance.

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