Top Tips for Green Christmas

Article by Isla Campbell

Tradition dictates that we are all dreaming of a white Christmas, however how many of us are dreaming of a green Christmas? Christmas is sometimes a time for excess, but you can feel a little less guilty about your indulgence if you follow some top tips for a greener Christmas.Firstly, turn off your fairy lights when there is nobody around to enjoy them. The same goes for any electrical items really – if you use candles instead of light bulbs for a few hours you can create a really festive atmosphere and cut your energy usage.Secondly, recycle your wrapping paper and buy it in this way. Lots of stores carry beautiful recycled wrapping paper, or you could choose gift bags instead of paper as they can be reused lots of times. It’s completely pointless recycling if you aren’t going to buy recycled products.On a similar note, send recycled Christmas cards. Or, if you want to make a radical change, send e-cards. Ensure that after Christmas you recycle all the Christmas cards. You can do this by taking them to a recycle centre or cutting them up and fashioning new cards for next year.If you use candles in your home at Christmas that’s great, but make sure you don’t use paraffin candles as they are made from petroleum residues which aren’t good for the environment. Instead, buy vegetable based candles which are all round much lovelier. Again, on the recycling theme, use recycled or natural decorations. If you have children then it can be great fun to get them to help make decorations for the house and tree that you will treasure for years to come. You can also now buy many charming fair trade products to decorate your homeAnd how about an organic turkey? Millions of turkeys are eaten every Christmas, so make sure your one has been reared in humane conditions. Buy as much as possible locally, and by doing so you will be supporting local businesses and reducing your carbon footprint. Farmers markets are a great place to pick up some scrumptious local delights.Unfortunately we all get at least one unwanted presents each year. If this year you get something you don’t like or have no need for donate it to a local hospice or charity and then that gift can go to a recipient that really appreciates it.Finally, buy your Christmas tree from a sustainable forest. There is debate as to whether a real tree or artificial tree is more eco friendly, but generally it’s agreed that real trees are better. However you must consider where they are from before you buy. You should make sure that they are from a sustainable forest. There are over 400 Christmas tress growers registered with the British Christmas Trees Growers’ Association so check there before you purchase.Although it is important to make sure that you are being as eco-friendly as possible at Christmas, don’t get too bogged down in it. Make sure you have a great time this festive period by eating loads of yummy food, catching up with friends and family, watching some films on Sky TV and generally having a fabulous time!

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