Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Article by Rosie Richards

Christmas gifts which include the finest wines from around the world are always appreciated by those who enjoy a glass or two! Traditionally Christmas hampers include a bottle of wine or port, extravagant luxury hampers containing a variety of wines of high quality are the perfect gift for wishing a ‘very merry Christmas’ to family, friends, colleagues and clients. Magnificent selections of the most excellent festive food and drink will be gratefully received by all.

Impressive lidded wicker hampers containing 12 year old malt whiskey, complete with whiskey glasses, vintage port, Imperial Brut champagne and bottles of the finest wines as well as a whole host of traditional festive indulgences and contemporary treats provide the recipient with a magnificent collection to see them right over the Christmas holiday, a delightful way to wish someone a ‘Happy Christmas’!

Christmas hampers containing a huge variety of traditional yuletide fayre such Christmas pudding laced with cider sherry and liqueurs, iced top Christmas cake, handmade preserves and festive chutneys, an abundance of savoury temptations and sweet delights is the perfect gift for large gatherings and parties.

These superior Christmas Hampers are also a very practical way for a host to ensure they enjoy then festivities rather than spending hours preparing and cooking copious amounts of food for large families and parties. Everything included in the hamper will ensure that guests are impressed and amazed with the huge variety of gourmet foods from around the world. Pre dinner drinks offered with a variety of savoury nibbles such as almonds coated in hot and sweet spices, roasted Malabar nuts glazed with cinnamon and vanilla, mixed olives in extra virgin olive oil and classics such as cheese straws provide a fantastic way to begin Christmas dinner. Having eaten the main course delight guests with fabulous Christmas pudding with brandy sauce, traditions such as passing the port make a fun way to end a dinner. The tradition stems from British naval officers who meticulously passed the port clockwise round the table until it had completed a full circle. The port is placed in front of the host who then serves the guest sitting on the right, the host then passes the port to the person sitting to the left. The port is then passed to the left all the way round the table to end up back in front of the host. It is considered very impolite to ask for the port, instead the host asks the person closest to the bottle or decanter if they know the bishop of Norwich or other village in England. A response is not expected but action to pass the port immediately should take place. Should the unfortunate person answer with ‘No’ the host simply says ‘The bishop is an awfully good fellow, but he never passes the port!’ Tradition also includes that when the port is decanted it should be finished in one sitting, following Christmas traditions such as this will ensure that guests really do have a Very Merry Christmas!

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