Christmas Celebrations in Macau – Treat Your Family This Christmas in Macau

Article by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Macau, was one of the colony’s that belonged to the Portuguese for more than 400 years so it is no wonder that the season of Christmas will be celebrated with grandeur and style that is unique to Macau. Even though the majority of the population of Macau is not Christian this is one city that really knows how to celebrate Christmas. It has its own style and its unique rituals to celebrate and therefore due to this it is no doubt one of the best places to celebrate the true spirit that is Christmas.

Christmas is by the far the most favored holiday by Christians and non Christians alike and in Macau this notion remains the same. The fusion of Chinese traditions and Portuguese- Christians rituals and customs make it spectacular. Although Macau belongs to China, this is the one time that once can feel the true charm of European style celebrations during the season. With your family and loved ones you can attend the special church services on Christmas day. Churches are all decorated with fragrant candles, pine all engulfed with the sounds of carols that everyone loves so much you can also see the wonderful light displays where ever you go which light up the streets. The charming Christmas trees on display are more beautiful and more unique than the next. In addition you will feel the holy and true warm feeling of the season with the nativity scenes and plays. Feast on the delicacy of traditional Portuguese Christmas cakes.

Hotels and restaurants offer sumptuous Christmas feasts like no other. All this is done with a twist of the orient infused into it. Find instead of reindeer a dragon with a Christmas flare for decorations amongst the mistletoe and holly. Macau comes alive during this time to rejoice this holiday and it is not only the Christians that celebrate this season with grandeur. It is therefore no wonder that last year in 2009 Macau managed to pull in thousands of visitors to spend their Christmas holidays. Macau travel is known worldwide and there is no doubt that most people scramble trying to find hotel Macau. One hotel that will show you and your family the true wonder and beauty of Christmas celebrations in Macau is none other than the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel.

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