Celebrating Christmas How God Wanted Us To

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2000 years ago, in the city of Bethlehem, a baby was born in a manger. He was the child of God, born to a virgin. Jesus came into the world, as a promise made to Abraham, that one day he would send his son to the world to save us from our sins. Thus, formed the beautiful story of Christmas. This is the story, told to children for generations. We believe and trust in Jesus. Every Christmas, we celebrate this festival with zest and excitement. All year round we wait for the Christmas season. We decorate our houses with bliss and adoration. The preparation of cake, the decoration of Xmas trees and visiting our family and friends, surround our main idea of Christmas.

In all this mess, we forget the main purpose of Christmas. God sent his son into this world, so that he could bring to smile to every one’s face. It is our duty, as children of God to spread happiness all around us and not only to our families and friends. On an occasion like Christmas, we should help the unfortunate who don’t have anyone to celebrate Christmas with. This is the best gift we could give our Lord. So this Christmas, instead of blasting music and annoying our neighbors, let us plan something worthwhile for our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Below are a few Christmas ideas you could use in order to follow the true meaning of Christmas:

(1) Plan a Christmas party in an orphanage:

It is an amazing feeling, to see these children smile, because you have done something special for them. When we were small, we have memories of our Christmas being surrounded with our parents making it as special as possible, to us. These children, have no one to care for, but they too deserve a lot love and care. Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me and do not stop them’. Jesus really loved children. On his birthday, what could be a better gift than to plan a Christmas celebration, for these children. Plan a small celebration, at an orphanage. You could decorate the place, arrange for homemade Christmas dishes specially prepared, get them Christmas gifts etc. Spend the day with them, tell them stories and organize games for them. Make the day as special as possible for them.

(2) Visit an Old Aged Home:

An old aged home is a place, where old individuals who have nobody to look after them live. Often, they are abandoned by their children and left to fend for themselves. Old aged homes, pick up such individuals and look after them. These people, usually feel really lonely and miss going home. They silently wait for the day, when they will perish. This Christmas, visit an old aged home. Take your family and friends along. A gesture, as simple as this could leave ever lasting imprints on the minds of your children. They will learn values of respecting elders and compassion for the helpless. Christmas, teaches us the values of love and generosity. Let us spread it, to those who have less of love around them. You could, talk to them and sing Christmas carols along with them. Make this Christmas a special day for them.

(3) Pay a visit to an HIV positive center for Children:

These centers consist of children who have been turned away from orphanages, schools and hospitals. Their fault being, that they are HIV positive or their families are HIV positive. HIV positive, being treated as a taboo; children infected by this deadly virus are often shunned away from the society. Nobody would adopt them and many a time people don’t even like to visit them. Watching your own parents die, can be a very painful experience. Not only have these children watched their parents dying, but they have also been orphaned at a young age and made to look after themselves. This Christmas take your family and organize a Christmas celebration for these kids. You could arrange for someone dressed up as Santa Claus giving out gifts to each of these kids. Games and food, could complete the Christmas celebration. On an auspicious occasion like Christmas, make the day special to these children. For you, it would be just a day, but it will mean a lot to them.

(4) Register for Eye Donation:

Eye donation, refers to an act where a person registers to an agreement, to donate his or her eyes after death. It is a small act of kindness, but it can bring a lot of changes in another person’s life. A person, doesn’t require his eyes after he dies. However, donating your eyes to a blind person, can change his or her life forever. Christmas, is a time for caring and sharing for the unfortunate. On Christmas, pledge to donate your eyes to an eye donation center. Your eyes will be used after your death and give sight to someone, who is probably dying everyday to see the world. The feeling of being of use to someone even after you die, is priceless.

(5) Go for Blood Donation:

Blood, can be only generated from a human body and from no other source. We don’t lose anything when we donate blood. However, it can be of great use to someone else. On a occasion like Christmas, you could arrange for a blood donation drive. What could be a better gift to God, than helping his own children who are in need. You don’t lose anything by donating a bottle of blood, but that bottle of blood can save lives. A simple gesture of this sort, will give you the feeling of saving some one’s life which is one of a kind. There is never a day when someone doesn’t require blood, by donating blood on a day like Christmas can make a huge difference to many families.

Above are a few ideas how you could celebrate your Christmas, in the most meaningful way possible. God never asked for a huge party. He never even asked for candies and treats. All he asked was, for a clean heart and the willingness to be there for one and other. Have a peaceful Christmas.

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