Christmas Gifts for Dogs Number One in the Doggies Wish List

Article by Jenny Gregorich

Snoopy the wet-nosed poodle…arf! arf! Had a very shiny nose, and if you ever see me, lick my nose until it glows…woof! woof! woof! Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t forget you dogs Christmas presents!

I am Snoopy the wet-nosed poodle, and I will be speaking in behalf of my furry friends all over the world. You can call me the Doggies Ambassador for Christmas! Approve?! I hope so…

Wondering why they call me the wet-nosed poodle? Sounds like a “puddle” right? Poodle originated from the German word “pudel” meaning “one who plays in water.” Oh well, I lick my nose every time that’s why it’s always wet… that means I’m happy and healthy!

Enough about me, This Christmas expect your doggies to have wet nose all the time. Why? Pooches are also happy and excited to celebrate the holiday season. And my fellow doggies want me to let you know about the Doggies Christmas wish list.

When Fido’s feel the breeze becoming cooler, Christmas is just around the corner!!! And guess what? We are hoping to receive a Dog Christmas Gift from you. That’s number one in the doggies Christmas wish list.

Like you when doggies think about Christmas…the first thing that pops in your pets’ mind is Gift. So don’t forget to include your pet in the gift list, mark it red…dogs Christmas gift.

Wondering what’s in the doggies’ Christmas wish list? Here are a few things to give you an idea:

1. Dog Christmas Present which may include a new dog collar, leash, and a dog bed.

2. Dog Christmas toys with a squeaky sound and a new ball to have some fun.

3. A dog Santa stocking hang on the window for a dog Christmas treat like biscuits.

4. A dog Christmas outfit to wear on the Christmas Eve to celebrate with the family.

5. A dog Santa hat to wear during the holiday season that will match a dog Santa costume!

6. A dogs’ Christmas photo with the whole family on Christmas day!

7. And most importantly a nice doggy massage and a cuddle to feel the love from their pet owner.

Those are examples of things doggies think about to celebrate Christmas. Just like you, every pooch is also happy to open its’ own Christmas gift with the rest of the family.

Surprise! Surprise! Doggies love the excitement to find out what they got. And I bet you’ll have lots of fun when you see your doggy roll over the floor hugging its’ new Christmas toy.

On the first day of Christmas your doggy wish to see… a dog Christmas gift…a love for your pet…arf! arf! Under the Christmas tree!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Woof! Woof! Woof! Have a Doggy Merry Christmas! Greetings from Santa Claus and Snoopy the wet-nosed poodle, substitute for Rudolph the red-nose reindeer!

Again…Don’t forget Snoopy the wet-nosed poodle will be happy to deliver your dogs Christmas gifts!!!

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