Samples of Christmas Letters

Your annual Christmas letter doesn’t have to be a letter at all. You’ll find ideas for multiple choice quizzes, newsletters, creative stories, digital Christmas cards and more on the Christmas letter ideas page.

But If you’ve already read through the list and want to see how some people have put their own fun ideas into practice, click on a link below to see examples of creative Christmas letters available on the web.

Howard Family Christmas Letters – four examples of how to weave a story into your annual Christmas letter

HinesSight Collected Christmas Letter – a collection of great Christmas letters, including the 2001 edition, in which the newest member of the family, a dog, reflects on the past year

my tiny voice in this big world: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Cards – a take on the classic poem

Metropolitan Diary-style Christmas letters
– a Mom’s self-deprecating stories told in the style of The New York Times "Metropolitan Diary"

Waite Family Christmas letters – good example of how to make a Christmas quiz fun

YouTube Christmas letters (see below) – amusing digital Christmas letters saved on YouTube


For more samples of Christmas letters, check out the book, “Ideas for Writing Creative Christmas Letters” by Janet Colbrunn. Click here to find a review of Ideas for Writing Creative Christmas Letters.

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