For Easy Holiday Letters, Try Christmas Letter Cards

christmas letter cards make holiday letters easySending an annual holiday letter with your Christmas cards typically means printing out a separate sheet of paper, folding it in half a few times, and stuffing it inside the card so you can fit everything into the envelope.

Wouldn’t it be nice to skip the whole printing, folding and stuffing part? Well, you can.

Clever card manufacturers are now making holiday cards that have enough room for you to print your Christmas letter right in the card. You can create these Christmas letter cards right online. They look great, are easy to create, and mean less work for you.

You simply upload the photo(s), write your text, and then relax or bake Christmas cookies while you’re waiting for the printed cards to arrive in the mail. You’ll still have to address and mail them yourself, but you should have plenty of time for that, since you’ll no longer need to sit at the computer to design and print your Christmas letter.

christmas letter printed on cardOf course, you’ll still need to figure out what to say in the letter, so if you need some help drafting your message before you go online to place your order, check out our page with Christmas letter writing tips.

Then when you’re ready, visit Pear Tree Greetings to select a Christmas letter card. All of their cards are printed on 100 lb. card stock, and many of their Christmas card designs are available on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Use code SANTA15 to save $15 off holiday cards with an order of $100 or or code 16734 to save $10 with a purchase of $70 or more.

christmas letter card

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