How to Create a Christmas Letter in the Shape of a Christmas Tree

christmas letter in shape of treeLooking for a fun idea for your annual Christmas letter? Why not create a Christmas letter in the shape of a tree? It’s not too difficult to do and you can use any word processing software to create your letter. Here’s one way to do it with Microsoft Word.

Creating Your Christmas Letter in the Shape of a Christmas Tree
Millions of people use Microsoft Word to create written documents every day and most of them want their text to appear in blocks and columns. So  Microsoft has never automated an easy method of creating Christmas tree-shaped text. They have left the advanced features of wrapping text in the shape of an object to more advanced (and more expensive) photo editing and publishing software. However,  you can create this effect in Word with a bit of effort.

To create a Christmas letter in the shape of a Christmas tree like the one shown here, you simply set the text alignment to center and then use manual returns to make each line slightly longer than the previous one. Start with very short lines and gradually increase the length of each one. To make sure your tree isn’t very short and stubby, you’ll need to have two or three lines in a row that are very close in length before you add one that’s a bit longer.

When you get to the base of the tree, you’ll want to create very short lines that are close to the same length to create the illusion of a trunk. To make it more fun, you can make the text of the tree green and the text of the trunk brown. You can also use the Insert>Shapes function to add a star on the top of the tree.

This method requires very little skill or technical knowledge. But if you’d like to try another option that requires the ability to wrap text around objects,  see this post on

Then print your Christmas letter in the shape of a tree and let your friends and family enjoy your annual update in a whole new way!

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