Keep Kids Behaving with a Free Santa’s Nice List Guide

Free Personalized Santa's Nice List Guide!All kids want to be on Santa’s Nice List because nobody wants to wake up with coal in their stocking. But do your kids know what they need to do to get on the list? Santa knows that every parents has their own rules, and only the kids who meet all their parents’ expectations can get on his list.

To help them do this, Package from Santa has created a helpful guide for parents to download and print out for their kids. The free Santa’s Nice List Guide includes a list of 10 behaviors kids need to follow to make sure they’ll get on Santa’s Nice List this Christmas.

Five of the behaviors have been specified by Santa Claus and include being kind, respecting your family, smiling, helping others and believing in Santa. But parents can pick the other five items that appear on the list. You can either choose from a dropdown list that includes behaviors such as “Remember your manners,” or you can type in your own. Then you simply need to add your child’s name and provide an email address, and you’ll receive a link to download your free personalized guide as a pdf document. Then you can open the document and print it at home.

It will be an easy reminder for your kids to know what they need to do to be sure they’re on Santa’s Nice List this year!

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