What’s a Magic Santa Key?

magic santa keyKids have been hanging their stockings by the chimney and waiting for Santa to fill them for hundreds of years. But these days, plenty of folks don’t have chimneys, and curious kids may wonder how Santa Claus can get into a locked house. If you haven’t heard, the answer is a magic Santa key.

These magic keys have become popular as parents try to explain to their kids how St. Nick can get inside when there’s no chimney.

The keys usually come with a red ribbon so kids can hang them on the front doorknob. That way, Santa Claus doesn’t have to go searching under a rock or a potted plant to find the key. And they’re “magic” because only Santa Claus can make them work. If anyone else tries to use the key, they definitely won’t fit in the lock. But jolly old St. Nick merely needs to use his Christmas magic t make the key open the door.

Magic Santa keys are a great way for kids to prepare for the arrival of St. Nick. They reassure kids that Santa can get in, even without a chimney, but also reassure them that nobody else will find the key and sneek in at night.

You can buy keys for Santa online at Amazon, eBay or some sites that sell Santa letters such as Santa’s Official North Pole Mail. Having the key arrive in the mail with a letter makes it seem more magical, and is a great way to introduce the key idea. But to save money, you can also make your own. All you need is a key, some red ribbon and a poem explaining how it works. Santa Letter Templates offers a free printable magic Santa key poem.

Whether you buy it or make it, a magic Santa key is another way to make Christmas special for young kids.

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