Printable Elf Poop Poem and Recipe

printable elf poop poemDo you know someone who’s on Santa’s Naughty List this year? Or perhaps someone who just enjoys silly gag gifts? Then try giving them some “Elf Poop.” Don’t worry – it’s not as gross as it sounds.

Holiday “poop” has become popular in recent years, with everything from reindeer poop and snowman poop at Christmas to ghost poop at Halloween and Cupid poop at Valentine’s Day. All of them are basically the same – some type of candy or edible treat with a special poem that magically transforms the food inside your gift into a questionable (but still tasty!) gag gift. Here’s what you need to create your own elf poop gifts.

Elf Poop “Recipe”
1 plastic sandwich bag, small gift tin or jelly jar
1 bag of red and green M&Ms (or any type of red and green candy)
1 Elf Poop Poem

Pour the candy into the gift bag, tin or jar. Seal. Download the free printable Elf Poop poem, print it, and cut it out. Attach the poem to the gift using tape, or make a hole in the poem and attach it with a red or green ribbon. Deliver to your gift recipient. Watch them smile!

To get a free pdf file that has four copies of the elf poop poem shown here, just click the image and download to your computer.

Ho, ho, ho!

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