Save Time with Christmas Letter Cards

If you love keeping in touch with family and friends with an annual holiday letter, but hate finding stationery, printing it out and stuffing it in your cards, then you might want to consider an all-in-one Christmas card and letter. These handy cards give you plenty of room for photos and text to tell all about your family’s news from throughout the year. You just choose the card you like, add your own text and photos, and sit back and wait for your cards to arrive in the mail. Your family and friends will love your newsy cards, and you’ll love the time it saves.

Take a look at these Christmas newsletter card and find the one you like best.

Snapshots of a YearSnapshots of a YearCHECK PRICE

Merry MemoriesMerry MemoriesCHECK PRICE

Newsletter GreetingsNewsletter GreetingsCHECK PRICE

Holiday NewsHoliday NewsCHECK PRICE

Blissful Bells BookletBlissful Bells BookletCHECK PRICE

Snapshots and TreesSnapshots and TreesCHECK PRICE

Tri-fold Classic TalesTri-fold Classic TalesCHECK PRICE

Storybook ChristmasStorybook ChristmasCHECK PRICE

Winter WonderlandWinter WonderlandCHECK PRICE

Berry BorderBerry BorderCHECK PRICE

Stitched with Joy Christmas CardStitched with Joy Christmas CardCHECK PRICE

Christmas Letter LayoutChristmas Letter LayoutCHECK PRICE

Photo Montage and MemoriesPhoto Montage and MemoriesCHECK PRICE

Joyful Holiday OrnamentsJoyful Holiday OrnamentsCHECK PRICE

Stripes and StoriesStripes and StoriesCHECK PRICE

Alleluia and PraisesAlleluia and PraisesCHECK PRICE

Knit PatternKnit PatternCHECK PRICE

Patterned TimelinePatterned TimelineCHECK PRICE

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